Pending Stock Corrections

What are pending stock corrections? If you sell an item that you do not show as actually having in stock in Artisan, a pending stock correction will be created. You will then be able to go into Artisan and decide what actions need to be taken to fix this. Possibly items came into the store and were sold but were not received OR there was a miscount in an item record and the quantity on hand showed as zero when you still had some in stock.

Remember that Artisan will show you on the cash register screen how many of an item are available. If the customer has brought the item to the counter then you must have it in the store and you want to sell it without having to do research on the item while the customer is standing waiting.

.OOS Item in CR

In the above example our customer is purchasing a Personalized Garden Tote and we can see at the bottom of the screen that there are 0 Available. We are going to sell the item to the customer and let her leave the store with her purchase. Once she has left we will research why this item showed as being out-of-stock and make the correction to the inventory.

From the Main menu select Inventory and then Pending Stock Corrections. The item we just sold shows in this list along with any other item that was previously sold and did not show as having inventory in the item record.

Pending Stock Correction

There are 2 line items in my list of Pending Stock Corrections. I know that I have the Barefoot Merlot on a Purchase Order, it has come into the store but I have not yet processed the receiving for this PO. I also know that I do not have any Personalized Garden Totes on order so there must have been an incorrect inventory count in this item record.

I can press Enter on the Personalized Garden Tote to make a correction for this item. Select Yes to continue.

Pending Stock Correction 1

In the next screen select 1 Make Correction Permanent.

In the item record detailed activity there will be an inventory correction to add one item to QOH and then the item will show as sold with the end result of the item having a zero QOH.

Pending Stock Correction 3

Similarly, with the Barefoot Merlot item that was already on a PO but not received, as soon as the PO is received the Pending Stock Correction for the item will be resolved. A quantity of 12 will be assigned to the sale and the remaining receiving will be put into the items QOH.

Receiving cannot be done through the Pending Stock Corrections screen.

If you did not have a PO created for an item that shows in the Pending Stock Corrections List, you can still receive the item to remove the stock correction. This can be done through receiving or directly in the item record. Even if you make a correction in the Item Record for miscounted quantity then pending stock corrections will be resolved.

It is very important to monitor your Pending Stock Corrections. It is also suggested to try to receive inventory into Artisan as soon as it is delivered.