Product Variant Presets

Product variant presets are a great way to save time while creating inventory records. Presets are saved attributes and values that you can quickly add to a variant template.  

Common attribute examples are size, color, or style. Common values are identifiers like small, medium, large or blue, green, red. 

Using Product Variant Presets

Let’s say you’re planning on selling different style sweatshirts in the same sizes: small, medium, and large. You can create a variant preset to assist the process.

From the “Inventory” screen, select “Product Variants,” then “Variant Presets.”

This opens the “Variant Preset Records” screen. Add a new record by pressing F3 on your keyboard or the “Add A New Record” button.

For this example, we’ll call the template “Sweatshirt Template.” We’ll give the preset an attribute name, “Size.”

Next, we’ll need to insert some preset values. Preset values help fill in information for our product variants. Note: Notice the comment about adding a “Qty Multiplier.” Skip to this section to learn more.

Next, create the base product. Click on “Product Variant Template” and create a new template by selecting “Edit List” and “Add a New Record.”

Give the variant a name, select any fields you want to be editable in each Item Record, then look for the “Attributes and Variants” section. Click on “Fill from Presets.”

Select the preset from the screen.

The values we created in this preset will automatically add to the variant template.

Once you save the template, the items will show in your inventory.

Quantity Multipliers 

Quantity multipliers are used for items that have more than one quantity (ex. a case of soda, like a 6-pack). Quantity multipliers can be included in presets.

Input the preset value(s) and add a # with the quantity you want to include in the preset. For example, creating a preset for a 6-pack would look like this:

If we add the preset to a Variant Template (“Fill from Presets“), it will automatically detect that this product should include 6 items as its quantity (since there are six to a pack) and notes that in the “Qty” field. 

We can add more preset values (with quantities) by separating them with a comma.