Epson TM-T20 Printer Setup – Windows

This article explains how to setup the Epson TM-T20 series receipt printer for Artisan 4.0 with or without a cash drawer.

Note: There are some special configurations that need to be followed for current versions of Artisan 4.0, this article and the procedure itself will most likely change as Artisan POS finishes beta testing.

Step 1: Download & Install Driver

First, we will install the printer using the manufacturer’s driver as any other regular printer.

1. Download the driver from

2. Locate the driver in the designated downloads folder, it should be named “”.

3. In the folder, locate the actual driver package to be installed, “APD5_MAN_T20II_EN_B.exe”.






4. Connect the Epson Receipt Printer at this time.

5. Double-click on the package to install it.

7. Follow the prompts. It should install and display a “successful” message.




Step 2: Add Printer in Devices and Printers

Now make sure the printer has been installed and added under Devices and Printers.

1. Click on START , then select Devices and Printers.


2. At this point you should see your Epson TM-T20 printer under Printers and Faxes.


3. The Printer Should look something like this, make sure its Solid just as the image shows.




Step 3: Set Receipt Printer in Artisan

Now, it is time to set it up in Artisan so that it prints receipts BUT does not open the cash drawer (YET). 

1. In Artisan go to Printer Configuration (Main Menu => Tools => Program Options => Device Configuration => Printers)

2. Configure the Epson printer following this image.




3. The most important setting here is “Printer Model”, if you will use a cash drawer attached to this printer, make sure “Epson Compatible” is selected as the option.

If you are not using a cash drawer with this printer. This would be the last step and you do not need to keep going. Just make sure everything works as supposed to.


Step 4: Setting Up Cash Drawer in Artisan

1. Go back to Artisan Device Configuration Screen

  • Once a receipt printer has been set up in one of the slots.  Go to the Cash Drawer tab under devices
  • Select the printer slot number to use with the cash drawer.
  • Follow the image below. Select you printer slot # then “test”.
  • If you’d like to allow Quick-Open on the Sales Screen by doing F12, then tick the box as desired.
  • Save your settings. Everything should work correctly.





Things to Test:

  • Test printing a receipt from the Receipt Printer “Test” button
  • Test opening the cash drawer from the Cash Drawer “Test” button
  • Lastly, test doing a sale. It should print a receipt and open the drawer too.