Incomplete Orders

What are Incomplete Orders?

Incomplete orders are Custom Orders that need to be finished before being handed over to the customer or shipped out. Common examples are orders that need to be handcrafted or personalized.

Where are Incomplete Orders Located?

Incomplete orders are located in the “Pending Orders” or the “Incomplete Orders” section.  To locate your incomplete orders, head to “Order Status.”

Then, click on “Special Orders and Custom Orders.”

This opens the “Special Orders and Custom Orders for All Customers” screen.

All Pending Orders” will show orders that are incomplete, waiting, and ready. Waiting orders have item(s) that need to be received into Artisan. Ready orders are okay to ship or hand over to the customer.

Incomplete Orders” will show only a list of orders that are incomplete.

Mark an Incomplete Order as Ready or Delivered

Select the order from the “Pending Orders” or “Incomplete Orders” list.

Select the “Status” button.

If the order is ready to be picked up by the customer, select “Ready (Finished).” This will remove the order from the “Incomplete” list, but it will still show in the “Pending Orders” area, and now in the “Ready Orders” area.

If you are ready to deliver the order to the customer, select “Status” and select “Delivered.”