Internet Store Interface

Configuring Artisan

Artisan offers users an option to integrate an online web store with Artisan. This is done with Artisan’s Internet Store Interface, which supports Shopify, WooCommerce, Zoey, and Magento web stores. The first step to integrating a web store into Artisan POS system is to obtain an API key. This allows us secure access to the web store’s data, which we can then safetly push back and forth to and from Artisan. With the API Key generated by your web store, you can now configure Artisan Task Manager. Artisan Task Manager is a service, that runs on an interval specified by you, that will synchronize your desktop application with your web store. The next step is to enabled the internet store interface option. Open your Program Options, select Optional Features,  find “Internet Store Interface, ” and set this drop down box to “Yes.”

Adding Items to your Web Store

To add an item to your web store, you’ll need to make sure the “Include in Internet Store?” option is set to “Yes.” Inside of an item record, you’ll see a tab labeled: “Internet Store.” This tab contains all settings required to add an item to your web store. Specifically, it contains several fields that you can use to customize this item inside of your web store. For example, fields like “Featured Product, Catalog Order,” affect where and in what order an item is positioned. “Additional Categories,” and “Related Products” allow you to designate which other categories this item belongs to, and what other items relate to this product. And finally, fields like “Brief Description, and Detailed Description” exists to further describe and customize an items appearance in your web store. They allow you set the items title, and description respectively.

Artisan Task Manager

As specified above, Artisan Task Manager is the service that synchronizes your desktop application with your internet store on an interval specified by you. To set how often you want your application to synchronize with your web store, look at the field labeled “Task Frequency.” Set this to the value that best suits your needs, its unit is minutes. After you have the Task Manager configured, you can click the green button “Run” to sync your web store with Artisan.