Inventory Activity Reports

There are several ways to open an Item Record in Artisan, but this screen is displaying the Items button on the menu bar across the top of the screen.  From this screen, you can select an Item by either using the mouse to “click,” or by using the arrow keys to go up and down the list.  Once you’ve selected an Item, you can either hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard or select “Edit This Record” from the lower button options on the screen displayed.

To access some of the advanced features of the Item Record in the editing function, you can either select Activity or use the “F4” key on the keyboard.  This will open up a basic Item Activity Log.

Some of the general Activity details are displayed directly on this page, but for a more detailed look, you can view areas like Pending Layaways and Receiving Log for This Item.

detailed inventory4

This is what your Inventory Activity Report will include, giving multiple ways to look up specific activity reports and functions.