Internal Use

The ability to mark a sale (or adjustment) as “Internal Use” is very handy. Instead of picking something from your shelves and having no way to track that it was used, selecting this option helps Artisan keep track of the inventory change, and even make note on reports.

What is Internal Use?

Using a product that you sell in your store for personal means is considered “Internal Use.” For example, if you sell paper towels and need to use one to put in the company breakroom, you can mark that instance as “Internal Use.” The item wasn’t sold to a customer, or stolen, broken, or otherwise removed from inventory.

Marking an Item as Internal Use

There are two ways to mark an item as “Internal Use.” You can do so on the Sales Screen or in the item record itself using an item adjustment.

On the Sales Screen

On the Sales Screen, input your item and select “Internal Use” from the “Sales Type” dropdown menu.

Artisan will zero out the price, amount, and totals. It will also change the sales units to “0.” 

Press “Finalize.” On the Sales Screen, press “Save.”

Within an Item Record

Edit the item you want to use as internal use.

On the “Qty on Hand” field, enter the new quantity. For example, if you have four in stock and you’re using one internally now, enter “3.”

Artisan will bring you to a screen to clarify the reason for the adjustment. Select “Internal Use,” then “Save” on the “Item Record” screen.

Inventory Adjustment Report

A great way to see any changes to your inventory is by running the “Inventory Adjustment Report.”

To get to this report, click on “Reports,” “Inventory Reports,” and “Inventory Adjustment Report” from the dropdown.

Or, from the “Main Menu,” select “Reports.”

Choose “Inventory Reports.”

Click on “Inventory Adjustment Report.”

Either way, you’ll end up at the following screen. You may select to include or exclude as many inventory adjustment types as necessary. Just make sure “Include Internal Use?” is set to “Yes.”

Here is the item we marked as “Internal Use.” 

Updated on June 14, 2023

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