Adding Tips in Artisan

Adding tips (gratuities) requires the Advanced Payment Processing Module. Contact or call 877-723-7835 to purchase this module.

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Adding Tips

Artisan makes it possible to add tips (gratuities) to sales and orders.

On the “Finalize Sale” screen, once you’ve collected the tenders from the customer (ex. cash, credit, check, etc.), click on “Add Tip” or press Ctrl and G on your keyboard.

Artisan will ask you to input the amount the customer wants to tip.

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Then, you’ll need to select the tender type the customer wants to use for the tip, such as cash or credit card. 

Artisan will then process the sale. 

The tip amount is noted on the receipt:


Artisan also makes note of tips on reports.

In this example of a Day End Sales Summary report, we had two sales that received tips, which totaled $7.42.

In this example of the Employee Performance and Commissions report, we can see a breakdown of which employee and what sales specifically received a tip.


Updated on June 27, 2023

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