Round Up Donations

In Artisan, it’s possible to collect round-up donations. With this in place, Artisan will round the sale up to the nearest dollar amount. This is useful if you offer customers the option to donate to a charity. Read this article to learn how to collect round-up donations.

Item Record

Create a new Item Record.

Enter an Item Description – we recommend putting the words “Round Up” somewhere in the title to make it easier to search for. 

Enter an Item Code (or leave this field blank and have Artisan assign a code for you if you have that enabled). Again, we recommend making this easily identifiable by adding something similar to “Round Up,” like the initials “RU.”

Select a category for this Item Record. The category MUST be set to non-taxable and non-sales, as pictured below.

In the Item Record, select “Round Up Sales Total” as the “Pricing Model.”

Make sure “Inventory Tracking” is set to “Off.” Save the record.

Sales Screen

On the Sales Screen, select your customer and enter the item(s) they are purchasing (by scanning the barcode, typing the Item Code, searching for the item, etc). 

Add your Round Up item record to the sale.

Notice that Artisan rounds the sale up to the next dollar amount. A sale that was originally priced at $13.90 is now $14.00.

Here is another example, this time with a few items added.

Before the donation item is added:

After the donation item is added:

Updated on June 14, 2023

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