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Re-Print Receipts and Print Gift Receipts

Need to print an extra copy of a receipt, or a receipt for an item that was purchased as a gift? Artisan makes doing so easy. 

Printing Receipt for Most Recent Sale

On the Sales Screen, press CTRL and P on your keyboard. This will trigger a screen to show receipt options for the last sale you completed.

Or, select the “Operations” button (or the shortcut CTRL and O on your keyboard).

Select “Print Last or Special Receipt.”

Select what style of receipt you want to print. 

Standard Thermal Receipt

Gift Receipt – Selected Items

Select which item(s) you want included on the receipt. 

For example, you can select one, or both items to display on the receipt.

Standard Thermal Gift Receipt – All Items

This option automatically displays all items on the receipt.

Printing Receipt for Older Sale

Follow these steps to print a receipt for an older sale (not the most recent sale).

Select a customer.

Press “Shift” and “F4” on your keyboard to bring up their sales history. Select the sale.

Press CTRL and P on your keyboard.

Select the receipt type you want to print.


Updated on September 19, 2023

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