Converting from Single Store to Multi-Store

If you have more than one store location, you’ll need to enter its own license key. This is given to you by our Sales Team.  

  1. Enter your new site 001 license keys into Artisan and delete the old ones.
  2. Enter your site 002 keys into Artisan
  3. Create site 002. Click here to learn about creating sites, if you haven’t read this article already.
  4. Head to “Tools” and “Program Options.” Under the “Inventory Handling Options” section, expand “Inventory Tracking Options.” Turn the “Track Inventory by Location?” dropdown to “Yes.” 
  5. You’ll need to choose a location (site) for any of your current inventory. Choose Location 001.
  6. Edit the Site record to track inventory and set the default to its site’s number.
  7. Open up Artisan at site 002.
  8. Setup the station information in a similar manner.
Updated on June 15, 2023

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