3.5 vs 4.X

Are you curious about what new features Artisan 4.X has that 3.5 doesn’t? Read on to find out more. View visual/screenshot comparisons here

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System Basics

  • A new SQL database engine, PostgreSQL, is even more secure and robust than 3.5’s Fox Pro database.
  • Completely re-written from the ground up in Java for Mac and/or PC.
  • A whole new look, but the same easy feel.
  • Runs natively on Mac operating system.
  • Share data between Mac & PC. For example, you can have a PC for your register and a “Mac in the back.”
  • Support for laptops if they have Windows 10 or better or Mac OS X Yosemite or Mavericks.
  • Support for tablets (running Windows 10 or better), such as the Microsoft Surface tablet, which can be used for sales, inventory counting, and much more.

  • iPad devices are not supported with the full application but may eventually have companion apps.


Screens & Record Editing

  • Multiple screens for everything. For example, have PO open, start a sale, and switch between the two seamlessly through the “Open Screens” list. (View the following .gif image to see it in action)

  • Configure record lists. Add/remove/rearrange columns and control widths. 

Easily save these column layouts with the fields you want to include and exclude.

  • Record screens have tabs for easier access.

  • While 3.5’s screen was “fixed” and couldn’t be expanded, you can easily expand 4.6’s screen to whatever size you see fit. Adaptive screens allow more information as the window size increases. 
  • New feature, the Sales Order, is created on the cash register New Sale/Order screen, as shown below
  • The Quick Pick is easily accessible from the Sales Screen.

  • Common tasks, such as return to vendor, are easily completed on the Sale’s screen. 


  • Toolbar buttons allow quick access to popular functions. Add or remove toolbar buttons if necessary.

  • Create your own profile with your layout preferences for similar stations, such as multiple registers or office stations.
  • Save your favorite font types and sizes. This is great for users who require different settings.

For example, one cashier wants to view Artisan with bigger fonts, while another cashier wants to view Artisan with smaller fonts.

Ex. Cashier 1’s Fonts:

Ex. Cashier 2’s Fonts:

  • Switch between a “Windows view” and “Mac view” of the program.
  • Unlimited bar codes per item.
  • Product pictures on sales and purchase order screens for product validation up-sell.
  • Quick Discount Buttons” let you apply discounts to orders within seconds. Configure whatever discount you want (as a fraction or a decimal). Add up to six discount buttons on the Sales Screen.


Remote Operations

  • Utilize our Cloud 2.0 software to keep you up and running during power outages, sidewalk sales, trade shows, and other remote events where your network access is limited.
  • Works great for stores with multiple locations or for those work away from the main store.

Customer Facing Display

  • Customers can see their order in real-time as it’s being rung up, including tax, discounts, credits, total, and change due.
  • Display images for each product on the screen.
  • Create your own custom “Welcome” and “Thank You” messages.
  • Include multiple images and .gifs (moving images) on the screen.


  • Bulk changes allow you to change multiple items at the same time, such as price, vendor, category, weight and measurements, and much more.
  • Most lists have the “Power Search” feature, which lets you narrow down your search even further with advanced filters. Search by almost any field. Save these searches to use them elsewhere.


  • Physically count inventory within Artisan. 

  • Scan the items or manually type the quantities.
  • Print tally sheets from the program.

Payment Processing

  • 4.6 is not limited to one processor. There are multiple options available, such as DataCap’s NETePay, DC Direct, and more.
  • DataCap’s online portal lets you see an overview of transactions, such as date processed and the amount.

Week to week overview with daily total:

Details (click to enlarge):

Online Store

  • Artisan 4.6 supports your own webstore through our Internet Store Interface. 
  • Create your own Shopify or WooCommerce store (or if you already have one, easily link it to Artisan).

  • Upload your catalog of products (including product variants) onto your webstore with detailed descriptions and images. 
  • Filter your catalog with categories that you create in Artisan. 
  • Add “related products” recommended to customers to catch their eye as they shop.
  • As customers place orders, your Artisan QOH will be adjusted.
  • Make products only available on your website, on Artisan, or both. 
  • Set aside a quantity of product(s) you don’t want to include in your Internet store.


  • New built-in reports, such as in-depth sales summary reports, merchandising reports, customer reports, and much more.

  • For more advanced users and developers, utilize the built-in Report Designer to edit and create your own reports, sales slips, and custom forms.



  • Powerful security controls, at least double the amount from 3.5. Set authorization levels for users, allowing you to determine approval settings throughout the program.
  • For enhanced security, set passwords to log into accounts.
  • Audit logs for everything (customer records, item records, etc). Know who changed what, when, and where. 

  • Our SQL database, PostgreSQL, is very secure.
  • We also ensure your data is secure by assigning each of your computers/stations a unique license key. Because of this, Artisan data cannot be stolen from your store and accessed from another computer outside of your list of assigned computers.


Little Changes, Big Difference

Many Artisan components are easier and smoother than before. There are hundreds of improvements, so we’ve condensed this list as much as possible. 

  • Directly import and export Excel data.
  • Email reports and receipts from Artisan.
  • Product variants are easier to create and edit.
  • Add a logo to your sale’s receipts in just a few clicks.
  • Utilize the calendar picker to select dates.
  • Cash rounding for Canadian users.
  • Straightforward interface – everything is laid out in an obvious, easy to access manner.


What New Features Are on the Horizon?

  • Full support for modern PDTs (Portable Data Terminals). We’re working hard to completely support this technology as soon as possible.
  • Support for BigCommerce, a popular online store solution.


What is NOT supported? 

  • LIFO (last in, first out) and Average Cost Accounting Models. 4.X utilizes FIFO instead.
  • PC Charge! as payment processor.
  • Support for older devices such as serial receipt printers, parallel cash drawers, and older PDTs.
  • Generic Text driver for receipt printers. They must have a real driver installed above generic text.
  • LBX, AFD, and RTF Forms (Labels, Receipts, POs…)
  • Putting non-existent items on sales
  • Stamps.com integration
  • Rectangular size-based pricing charts
  • PayLink Payment S/W
  • Quicken interchange account format

Visual Comparisons

Click on the image to enlarge if necessary.

3.5 Main Menu

4.6 Main Menu

3.5 Sale Screen

4.6 Sale Screen

Finalize Sale Screen 3.5

Finalize Sale Screen 4.6

Item Records List 3.5

Item Records List 4.6

Item Record Screen 3.5

Item Record Screen 4.6


Updated on October 31, 2023

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