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How to Set Up Your BigCommerce Store with the Artisan Task Manager

In this article, we’ll go over how simple it is to set up your store with BigCommerce using the Artisan Task Manager.

Setting up the Task Manager  – Upload

1. Launch the Artisan Task Manager. Click “Task” and “New.” 

2. Give your task a name.


Enter your “Server Name.” This is the name of the computer where the data is located. If it’s this machine, you can use “localhost.” Enter your “Server Port #.” Most likely it is 5432. Enter your “Database Name.” This is most likely POS.

To find out what your “Server Name,” “Server Port #,” and “Database Name” is, click on “Help,” and “About” in Artisan. 

4. Set the “Task Type” to “Upload.” Later, you’ll make one set to “Download.”

5. “Task Frequency” is the number of minutes before the “Task Manager” automatically starts uploading to BigCommerce again. The default is 15.  You may change this at any time. 

6. Set “Internet Store Type”  to “BigCommerce.” 

7. The “Store URL” is the web address for your site. You must use https:// at the beginning of the URL. For example, https://mystore.com

8. “Store Hash” is found by visiting your store inside the BigCommerce dashboard. It is a unique set of characters and letters in between https://store- and .mybigcommerce.com. For example, https://store-ghjkl67890.bigcommerce.com – ghjkl67890 is the hash.

Creating an API Token in BigCommerce

1. Log in to your BigCommerce account.

2. Click on “Settings.”

3. Scroll down to the “API” section. Select “Store-level API accounts.”

4. Select “Create new API Account.” Call it “Artisan POS.”

5. Make sure “Customers” is set to read-only, “Orders” is set to read-only, “Order transactions” is set to read-only, “Products” is set to modify, and “Store Inventory” is set to modify. You may leave the others set to their default, “none” unless instructed otherwise.

6. A text file with your “Client ID,” “Client Secret” code, and  “Access Token” should automatically download once you create the token. However, before you press “Done” on this screen, copy and paste the API token into a text file on your own, just to guarantee that you will have this for later. Paste the API Token into your Artisan Task Manager.

Setting up the Task Manager  – Download

In order to send the orders from your BigCommerce to Artisan, you’ll need to create a “Download” task in the “Task Manager.”

1. Click on “Task” and “New.” Give your task a name.

2. As with the setup for the “Upload” task, input your server name, port, and database name, which can all be found by going to “Help” and “About Artisan POS” within Artisan.

3. Set the “Task Type” to “Download.”

4. The “Task Frequency” is how often the “Task Manager” will download orders from your store. The default is every 15 minutes between operating hours of 9:00 am to 5 PM. You may change this if you wish. 

5. Change the “Internet Store Type” to “BigCommerce.”

6. Copy and paste the “Store Hash” from the “Upload” task.

7. Copy and paste the API token. If you can’t find this information, delete the API and create a new one (which will need to be used for the “Upload” task as well). 

8. The last few fields default automatically – do not change them. Once you’re finished, click “Save,” then “Run.”

Updated on December 5, 2023