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Multi-Location Purchasing and Receiving

We know that running multiple locations can sometimes be time-consuming, but ordering and receiving inventory for them shouldn’t have to be! Follow these steps to streamline your process for buying and accepting items for multiple stores.

Pending Transfers

Instead of having to chase down multiple purchase orders for your stores, you can easily add items for multiple locations on a single purchase order. After these items are received into Artisan, they can optionally create “Pending Transfers” in the “Inventory Transfer” section in Artisan, displaying the QOH that should be sent to each store location.

We recommend usingPending Transfers,” as they give you a chance to review your inventory to make sure you really do want to transfer inventory from one location to another. There is an option to make these transfers automatic instead, which we’ll go over in a moment.

To enable this, you must make sure your “Configuration Settings” are set up correctly. 

Select “Inventory Handling Options,” then “Inventory Tracking Options.”

Make sure “Track Inventory Quantities?” is set to “Yes.”

The “Tracking Mode” should be set to “Full – All Inventory Counts are Per-Site.”

For the “Cross-Location Receiving Transfer Mode” field, select “Add to Pending Transfer List.”

If you wish for these transfers to happen automatically (and not be put on a pending list), select “Transfer Immediately When Received.”

Press “Save.”

Purchase Orders

Add the Target Column 

On a purchase order, right-click and select “Configure Columns.” Choose the “Requested Target Site” column. This column refers to the store/location you are ordering the items for.

In this example, we have 5 items we want to order for site 001 and a different item we want to order for site 002. 

We can also order the same item for both locations.

The next step is to receive the purchase order.

Then, you’ll need to transfer that inventory from one site to the other. For example, we ordered two Flamingo Cookie Kits for site 001. We also ordered two for site 002. Since they were received at site 001, we’ll need to transfer two to the other location. As mentioned, these items are considered “pending transfers” and are added to the pending transfer list in the “Inventory Transfer” section in Artisan. 

Processing Pending Transfers

From “Inventory,” head to “Inventory Transfers.”

Click on “Show Power Search” and select “Inventory Transfer Search Filters.” Set “Pending Transfers Only?” to “Yes.

This will show us our list of pending transfers. 

We can then double-click to update the transferred quantity (“Xfer Qty” tab).

Then we’ll press “F10” or “Process” to complete the transfer.


Updated on June 12, 2023

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