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Receive Items from Specific Sales Slip Number

To receive items that were placed on special order or a sales order, click on “New PO” and create a PO for the vendor you are receiving from.

Select “Include all Purchase Requests for This Vendor” to see the purchase requests associated with this vendor.

In this example, by selecting “Macys” as our vendor, Artisan pulled up two separate special orders (for different customers).

Save the PO.

Now that the PO has been created, head to “Receiving” from the “Main Menu” and “Receive Items for a Specific Sales Slip #.

Select the sales slip.

Press “Enter” to receive the item quantity.

Or, click on “Scan Mode” to scan the item(s) in. 

If you need to delete the scan, press “Delete Scan.” Once you’re finished scanning, hit “Process” to save your scan count.

If you leave without processing the scans, they will be discarded.

Press “Process” when you’re finished.

You’ll see a receiving notice with the information regarding the special order or sales order.

Updated on June 12, 2023

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