Security Settings

Artisan allows you to add security to different areas of the program. Artisan can quickly set some security options for you based on your security needs (minimum, medium, or high). This can save you time while setting up your security options. Click here to learn more.

Of course, you can edit your security settings further. 

General Security Options

The General Security Options section revolves around User password settings.

User Selection Mode

With the Menu option selected, Artisan will show all Users on the screen. Select one to log in. 

With the Password option selected, Artisan will log into whatever user record’s password matches the one you enter here.

Require Strong Passwords for These Users: For certain Users, such as Managers and Owners, it might be a good idea to have stronger passwords. You can set what Level requires strong passwords, if any. 

Password Settings for…: Weak passwords require at least two characters, while medium passwords require at least four characters. Strong passwords automatically require at least seven characters.

Password Aging: Setting a password “age” tells Artisan when to ask to reset the password for these users after a certain number of days. To disable this, enter “0.”

Log Out When Idle For: If Artisan remains idle (ex. no one is moving the mouse or using the keyboard), the program will log out after this period of time. To disable this, enter “0.” 

Allow These Users to Change Their Own Passwords: You may set the Level that allows users to change their own password at any time.

Additional Security Settings

The remaining security sections allow you to choose from a dropdown list of a minimum Authorization Level that has access to certain areas and tasks. For example, look at “Entering the Program Options Area.”

Currently, this is set to “Clerk Level 1.” If we change it to Clerk Level 2, that level and higher will have access to this area, while Clerk Level 1 will be excluded.

Just Ask: This will prompt Artisan to ask if you’re sure you want to enter a certain area or perform a certain task.


Updated on June 16, 2023

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