What’s New in Artisan POS 4.5

Welcome to the next generation of Artisan POS Software: Version 4.5.

This version includes significant performance improvements, more powerful searches, smoother online-store integration, import/export enhancements, and more.

Many of our customers have upgraded to 4.5. Please contact us at sales@certek.com or (877) 723-7835 to upgrade!

The next section describes in detail the major changes since version 4.4.

You can also jump ahead to the full Change Log of maintenance updates to 4.5.

Key Features

1 – Record Table Screen Paging

As you may know, a record is an Item, Category, Vendor, Saved Sale, and many more. Some of these types of records may get very large such as Items or Saved Sales. Now In 4.5, Artisan doesn’t try to load all these records at once. In 4.4, this was slowing down the screen and preventing you from working right away. Perhaps you have seen the message about too many records to display.

Or perhaps you have seen the message “Loading Records…”

Both of these problems have been dramatically reduced because Artisan only now loads a few pages of information and as you scroll down more records are loaded. Of course, if you start filtering your data by typing something in the search boxes, then the number of matching records reduces even further.

This is particularly useful in scenarios like recalling sales. Now you can get rid of the extra search options such as “Recent Sales” or “2020 Sales” and the resulting confusion. From now on, just the most recent sales, or whatever default search you have, will show the last few pages sales… and as you page down the list will continue to expand as needed.

2 – New & Repaired Search Options

Some of our users have experienced missing search options in many critical places. 4.5 makes a valiant effort to restore these to their original intended options. Additionally, we have added and tweaked various options to reflect the way our customers are using the program.

Example: Recalling Saved Sale

In 4.4 it might be very limited with just one option (or maybe you added one or two of your own).

But this is how it supposed to be (now in 4.5).

Of course, you may still have some that you added.

3 – Power Search Panel for Recalled Sales

In addition to the benefits of the record paging for just quickly looking at the most recent sales, we added a new Power Search Panel for recalling Sales.

These fields are particularly useful in helping you more quickly narrow down your transactions to find just the ones you want.

One of the great new fields on this panel is Sales Location which can be All Sites, My Site, or Specific Site. Very handy if you have more than one location.

4 – Additional Search Query Operators

When you are searching for a matching field, there are new choices on how the search is conducted. Here’s an example of how Text Filters have improved.

 Field Type In 4.4 the choices are:  In 4.5 the choices are:


5 – Regular Expressions – Advanced Searching

If you are a computer programmer or advanced user, you can now take advantage of a special syntax language used for advanced searching.


6 – Temporary Filter (Like Temporary Vendor Filter)

Under certain circumstances, such as searching for an item record for a purchase order, Artisan will filter the list for items that only belong to the vendor for which you are creating the PO. Now in 4.5, this behavior is more visible and you can now search for all items (from all vendors) by un-checking the box in the “Temporary Vendor Filter”. If you were to also save your modified Power Search, this filter will not be included when you save. So if you un-check it here and then save your search, the next time you use your saved filter, this box will be checked.

7 – Multi-Level Sort Option

You can now have multiple level sorts from the record table screens. In this example, the Vendor is the primary search with the category as the secondary search. So COUPON, GC, SHIP, XGC are in alphabetical order. You can add up to 4 columns in your tiered search by Shift-Click on each column header. To reset or change the columns, simply click on a column header (without the shift key).

Shift-Click for a limit of 4 columns.

8 – Added Option on Item Power Search Panel

We have added Description (Contains) to the Item Power Search Panel.

9 – Time Stamp Works with “At Least” or “At Most” to filter by Time.

Now you can filter items from a date and TIME.  For example, you can now look for sales from a particular day after a certain time.

Time can also be used with the “At Most” choice and in the Advanced Filters. For example, you could create a time range to filter your sales by combing “At Least” and “At Most” as shown below.

10 – Exports from Record Table Screen

You can now export records directly to CSV or Text file.

You have a choice of just the fields that are shown on your screen or to export all fields.

11 – Restrict Discounts

12 – PPLOG – Magic Card # and New default Columns in including

(Card Number Column now optimized to fit in a small column rather than showing all the stars.)

13 – Title Bar Enhancement

The title bar now shows more details. For example, when you are in an item record you can see what item you are looking at even if you are not on the Basic Tab.

14 – Tool Tips

When you hover over fields that are cut off, sometimes more details will appear when you hover your mouse over the item.

15 – Additional Details in the Audit Log

We have added more information in the Audit Log so you can see the Context of which specific Sale, Item, Customer, etc.

16 – Additional Changes

  • Added Bulk Change Sales Rep to Customer Records
  • REMOTE OPERATION: Is now more robust.
  • Print To File now works when Printing a List of Records

17 – Report Improvements

  • EMP-163 – Employee Performance
  • INV-053 – Inventory Summary Report
  • MCH-054 – Merchandise Performance Report
  • MCH-149: Variant Report – has enhanced Parameter Choices

18 – Inventory Handling Improvements

  • Whenever increasing available QOH (through transfers, receiving, etc.), check to see if it can be used to satisfy existing reservations against pending Purchase Requests or Purchase Orders, reducing or deleting those Requests and/or un-reserving the PO lines.
  • Partially implemented the Inventory Transfer Export option. This will allow you to alleviate the inventory but doesn’t yet create the export file to import into another copy of Artisan.

19 – Internet Store Interface

  • Add upload configuration field: “Inventory Site #s (blank = Total)”. This is a comma-separated list, so 001,002 for example.
  • Major Improvement: For order downloads, the Site Record for the internet sales site can specify a comma-list of sites to check in addition to the default inventory site. This allows better distribution when out of stock at the main location and Artisan can now specify the Inventory Location of the line item to use a warehouse or secondary location, for example. This is based on the order of the sites in the list.

20 – Datacap NETePay, DC Direct

  • Implemented Datacap’s classic NETePay payment processing solution for Windows PCs.
  • Implemented Datacap’s new DC Direct which has the NETePay payment processing solution loaded directly onto Ingenico Tetra Series devices such as Lane 5000, Move 5000, Lane 7000, etc.
  • We continue to support the Datacap TranCloud appliance as well, which puts NETePay in its own device that can be accessed from Mac or Windows.

21 – Rapid-Fire Scanning With New Program Option: Quick Lookup and Full Lookup

  • Quick Lookup searches and finds the first match in Item Code, UPC Code, and Private Barcode. Intended for larger databases.
  • Full Lookup searches everywhere (Alt Codes, Vendor Numbers, Manufacturer Numbers, and all instances of items). Finds all duplicates, not just the first instance.

Head to Device Configuration, Miscellaneous Program Options, then Sales Screen Options. In Item Lookup Mode, click the pull-down menu to switch from Full Lookup or Quick Lookup.

4.5 Change Log

Updated 3/17/2022


  • POS-13953: Fix to honor the “Include On-Hand Only” filter for the Locations table on the Item Record Screen (when Inventory Location-Tracking is enabled).
  • POS-13964: Fix so a sales line item with a quantity break chart or formula doesn’t get stuck at the price from the first quantity change on that line. (This was broken by an attempted fix in 4.5.144 for changes in 4.5.128.)
  • Instead of hiding the record table on Customer Record list screens whenever the Power Search is visible (because the Customer Search Filters panel is so big), only hide it when the main Customer Search Filters panel is visible. Show the table, like normal, when either of the other tabs are selected (Advanced Filters and Deleted Records).


  • Even if not configured to prompt for Approval Code or phone number when ringing up credit card tenders with Standalone Credit Card Processing, prompt with the tender info and an Accept button for *follow-on* transactions like voids and refunds, to make sure the clerk gets the details to be entered into the standalone system.
  • POS-13948: Support Deposit Refunds with standalone credit card processing.
  • Fix “java.lang.IllegalStateException: is RecordStale cannot be used with detached instances,” from “refreshRecordIfStale,” probably due to editing an item record from a PO or Sale Screen that has had an unrecoverable error. Fixed by skipping the whole stale check and refresh when the record is detatched (not in session).


  • POS-13944: When receiving with prompting for Vendor Invoice enabled, update the vendor invoice totals at the end of processing receiving. In particular, don’t give a warning that the invoice is incomplete, if, in fact, it has been completely received.
  • For payment processing method, PAX Direct, don’t send Tax Amount and other Level 2 Commercial Card Data when the setting for Commercial Card Data is “None.” PAX Direct terminals that are not configured for Commercial Card processing give errors if this data is provided, rather than just ignoring it.


  • POS-13945: Fix to use a DataWorker to load Tax Summaries from checkForTaxRateChange in the Sale Screen (part of opening a recalled sale for changes), if necessary. Normally, they would already be loaded at this point, but there must be a race condition where sometimes they’re not loaded.
  • POS-13933: Trailing whitespace in meta fields was causing Shopify upload, at least, to fail for some items.


  • Fix the subtitle message when prompting for Product Variants in the Sale Screen when there are multiple Attributes. The second line, starting with “with”, was listing the wrong attribute name.
  • POS-13932: Some combinations of field changes in Item records were mistakenly lumped into the Qty-Only optimization case, and so Price and other field changes were, in some cases, not uploaded.


  • Add additional choices for Processing Company in Payment Processing Settings, for “EVO Payments (EVO)” and “fiserv (First Data) Rapid Connect (RAPID)”. In general, rename “FDMS” to “fiserv (First Data)”.


  • POS-13852: Rework the 4.5.128 fix for interaction between BOGO discounts and entire-sale take-best-of discounts. The previous fix was causing miscalculations and sometimes fatal errors.
  • During credit card processing, don’t show the message, “If you don’t trust this charge, you should VOID it,” unless the AVS response or CVV response indicate an actual mismatch.


  • POS-13910: Fix “looping” (repeated uploading of unchanged items) in Shopify when some variants have duplicate Variant Value Names: skip (don’t upload) the duplicates.


  • When importing product variant items where two items reference the same template name but have specified different numbers of attributes, make a new, renamed, template for one of them, rather than failing the import. Give the renamed template a suffix of “#” followed by the number of attributes.
  • Fix migration of Manufacturer Codes > 7 chrs.
  • POS-13923: Fix a number of problems with exporting more complex reports to XLS, especially a fatal error due to overlapping merge regions in some cases. Fine-tune SAL-051, SAL-121, and SAL-412 reports to work better when exported to XLS.
  • Fix 3.X migration of surcharge categories.
  • Fix a Constraint Violation during migration when converting an RR_STEAL_RESV Stock Unit and there are no stock transaction to use.
  • POS-13925: Fix so zero-balance transaction can’t be selected as individual invoices/orders for applying payment via the Pay button or Ctrl-A in the Sale Screen. These will now force the Payment Dialog selection to be “Apply Payment to Oldest Invoices” (which applies any excess amount entered as a pre-payment on account).


  • POS-13922: Fix so changing Category Special Handling from Surcharge to any other value clears the surcharge fields, avoiding a Constraint Violation; similarly for Customer Type escalation and the Customer Type field.
  • Also fix so the Surcharge Site field is enabled based on having a Multi-Store license, not based on Inventory Location-Tracking, since it will be compared against Sales Locations not Inventory Locations.
  • Repair the missing Site Parameter formula. Expended CATCODE Length to 20 in temp table.
  • Repair the missing Site Parameter formula.
  • Fix the “Consignment Inventory” (only) parameter choice.


  • POS-13909: Fix overlapping elements in SAL-121, Daily Sales Summary Report, which were causing the XLS export to fail.
  • POS-13917: Fix null pointer deleting a Card on File
  • Fix performance of processing scans in Scan Mode from the Inventory Counting screen with Inventory Location-Tracking and large data.


  • Fix rare case where the 4.5.65 upgrade step could fail due to duplicate Shipping Method names after it strips disallowed punctuation. It now leaves the original name unmodified (including disallowed punctuation) if it would be a duplicate.


  • External Accounting: Fix COGS to use kit components. . . rather than the main kit line cost, to be consistent with Sales Summary Report, etc.
  • POST-13902: Fix Constraint Violation in Repair Qty
  • Bulk Changes: Fix a race condition in event handling on Bulk Change parameter dialogs that include “Update this field” checkboxes, so that clicking on “Update this field” after entering text in that field sets the checkbox automatically when you move off of the text field (based on whether it’s blank or not), so it was sometimes getting checked and then toggled back to un-checked immediately, which has a side effect of clearing the text.


  • More fixes for Repair Quantities w/IT_OFF
  • POS-13905: The original problem (POS-13838: failure to update PO in some cases) was fixed in 4.5.123. Add an upgrade step for 4.5.136 to recalculate totals for all POs.
  • POS-13825: Allow sale lines to be voided if previously returned (via a Smart Return), if the return sale has been voided.
  • POS-13889: Fix round-off error receiving with Pending Stock Corrections when item has a case size. This would sometimes show up as “IllegalStateException: There are delayed insert actions before operation as cascade level 0.”
  • Fix “Error Processing Receiving” to be only the title of the error dialog, as intended, rather than hiding the actual error message.
  • Another log4j security update: version 2.16.0
  • Fix FIN-214: FIN-214, A/R Aging Report, was hiding customers with zero balances, even when the “Show Balances” option was set to “All A/R Customers” or “All Customers”. Remove the extra zero-balance suppression and honor the Show Balances option completely.
  • ISI: Fix error using Category Filter in upload


  • Artisan POS is not generally used in any way that would allow the recently-discovered “log4j” vulnerability to be exploited, but just in case, upgrade from version 2.13.3 to 2.15.0 of the log4j libraries, which “fix” the vulnerability by defaulting to disable the (otherwise-unused) risky module (as if setting “log4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=True”).


  • Licensing: Fix NIC-based H/W Signature calculation. H/W Signatures for systems with BIOS or Baseboard serial numbers were fine.


  • POS-13886: Fine-tune SAL-213 and FIN-043 for composite sale tax and other issues.
  • Shopify: Fix missing address in download.
  • POS-13887, POS-13889: Add new import options. Import Mode (FULL, UPDATE, ADD), with command-line option “-import-mode.” This lets you control which existing records are updated or skipped and whether new records are added or skipped.
  • Imports that include Qty Counted now *add* to the current value, for use with Physical Inventory Counting. When this field is used, the user is given hints about Inventory Counting and asked to confirm.
  • Fix missing subtitle boxes on some screens (in general).
  • Shopify: Include manual payments w/ auth codes.
  • FaceBook appears to be partially funding some orders with an “adjustment” that is recorded as a payment with a “manual” gateway and a (long) “authorization” code. We normally discard “manual” payments from Shopify, because they represent unverified or deferred payments handled outside of Shopify, which might need to be entered into Artisan in different ways (such as “On Account”). Change to include manual payments if they have an auth code of at least 6 characters; hopefully that will still exclude other types of manual payments.
  • Add an additional data fixup to the 4.5.102 upgrade step (for those who haven’t already upgraded past that point successfully) to fix a rare case from 3.5 where Receiving Clerk is missing from a Stock Unit that has been received (and thus has a Receive Date).


  • Fix sales tax breakdowns so pre-tax amount fields add up to correct totals, even when composite tax types are used. The rows (or cells) for composite types now show a negative amount to compensate for the inherent doubling due to listing subtotals for both component types.


  • POS-13856: The Sales Slip # of Copies attempts to send a single print job with a Copies attribute, where possible. Some printers don’t support this attribute. Add a check to use the Copies attribute only if the particular printer driver supports it. If not, send each copy as a separate print job (as was already being done when a Printer Control String is configured in the Artisan Printer Settings, since control strings have to be sent as separate print jobs, in between each copy).
  • POS-13871: Fix more cases of LazyInitializationException printing sales slips when configured to use a Specific Sales Slip Style.
  • Fix the choices for Specific Sales Slip Style, as well as Auto-Billing and External Order Receipts, to include *all* Slip Styles.
  • Don’t clear discount when leaving price zero.
  • POS-13880: Don’t clear discount when leaving price zero. On the Sale Screen, when adding a fill-in-price item, leaving the price zero, and *manually* entering a discount, it was clearing the discount after the clerk answers Yes to the prompt asking if they want to leave the price zero. This was deliberately done for the case of a discount from the Item Record, so a non-coupon item doesn’t become a coupon accidentally, but in cases where they manually set the discount and say yes to leaving the price zero, they probably did really intend to do so (and have the line behave as a coupon), so let them.
  • Also fix a rare problem where voiding a new line with missing fields (such as the price on a fill-in-price item line) was still prompting to confirm leaving the information missing.


  • POS-13884: Fix for license scans w/o final newline. With some scanners (w/default settings) we apparently don’t get the final newline, which causes a problem with states such as WA where the standard “DL” subfile is the last subfile, since the newline is generally included in the length of the subfile. (CA, FL, and others have an additional subfile for “jurisdiction-specific” data, so don’t trigger the problem.) Add a final newline if missing.
  • POS-13882: Fix NonUniqueObjectException importing orders. In some cases, Internet Store orders imported with a shipping charge would get a NonUniqueObjectException because the Shipping Item added to the sale was a transient copy held by the Shipping Configuration record, but there was somehow another copy in session.
  • New methods of WMI access for HWSIG on Windows. New environment variable, WMI_METHOD, specifies WMI access method: WMI4Java, VBS, or (the old) WMIC. Default is to try WMI4Java, then WMIC. WMI4Java uses a PowerShell, which is now the method recommended by MS. WMIC is being removed in Windows 11.
  • POS-13871: Fix more LazyInitializationException cases trying to print sales slips when configured to use a Specific Sales Slip Style. In general, fine-tune the behavior of this setting, especially to allow it even when the selected slip style is disabled (Menu Order zero and # of Copies zero) and to disallow it when it doesn’t match the configured Conditions.
  • Fix rare error in 4.5.01 upgrade step when some renamed built-in Search Schemes conflict with custom schemes of the same (new) name. (Many such cases were already handled, but a few were missed.)
  • Add Item Import field aliases for “Category Code”, “Vendor Code”, and “Manufacturer/Mfr Code”.


  • POS-13854: Fix Sales Slip Forms (SLIP-S, SLIP-T, SLIP-8X7) to show the Display Amount field (DISPAMT) instead of Line Amount (AMOUNT) in the “Amount” column. This ensures the right amount is shown in light of special cases like entire-sale additional discounts.
  • POS-13874: Disallow un-delete of Purchase Orders, since they’re only kept to provide inventory history, and they no longer have any line items.
  • POS-13864: Added the missing migration of the “Kit Show” flag to cover all three cases (for future migrations). Fixed so the “nn ea:” prefix for kit component lines on sales handles fractions. Fixed sales slip forms, SLIP-S, SLIP-T, SLIP-5×7, to suppress all columns except Description for kit component lines and note lines (as was done in 3.5).
  • POS-13855: Fix so Vendor Invoice totals are updated correctly when the Vendor Invoice is created or added to from a Receiving Screen (with the “Prompt for Vendor Invoice” Receiving Option enabled).
  • Fix label for temporary vendor filter when searching for Items from a PO screen to say “Preferred Vendor” rather than the internal string key, “ITEM.VENDOR.short”.
  • POS-13853: Allow consignment fill-in-price consignment items to use any of the Consignment Cost Models, even Fixed Cost.
  • POS-13876: Fix so that longer strings for combo-box pop-ups are truncated at 80 characters, not 50. Fix the strings for Consignment Cost Model to fit into 80 rather than 87, so they don’t get truncated. Fix the problem where strings that were 1 or 2 characters short of the limit, or exactly at the limit, were unnecessarily truncated.
  • POS-13871: Avoid LazyInitializationException trying to print sales slips when configured to use a Specific Sales Slip Style, in some cases.
  • POS-13866: Fix the initial IT_OFF stock unit repair step in Repair Quantities. It was a sledgehammer that didn’t even repair things correctly (but at least it only triggered on stock units w/QOH for Items w/IT_OFF). Fix it to not clear SQTY & CASEQTY (which was both incorrect and was recently causing a Constraint Violation error, due to lack of recomputation of the new D_LINE_AMOUNT derived field), but only QTYONHAND (and QTYOUT). Also fix it to trigger if any of the related fields have incorrect values, not just QTYONHAND.
  • POS-13852: Fix interaction between entire-sale “Take Best” discounts and BOGO or Quantity Chart items whose minimum quantities have not been met, where the applied discount was lost upon selecting a Payment Type, or making any other change that required totals to be recalculated.
  • Fix for race conditions between closing a Sale Screen and “replacement actions” that start special Sale Screens to recall sales, copy sales, apply payments, etc.
  • Fix to use the settings from the Sales Location for Cash Rounding, so it uses the right setting in a mixed multi-store configuration (e.g. one in Canada, one in US).
  • Fix to use the settings from the Sales Location for Cash Rounding, so it uses the right setting in a mixed multi-store configuration (e.g. one in Canada, one in US).
  • Fix missing Customer Type names during migration from 3.5.


  • Remote Operation: Add missing remote upgrade step 4.5.125 for new field “SHIP_OFFSITE”.
  • ISI: Avoid null pointer exception when downloaded copy of existing item has a missing image array.


  • POS-13840: Fix failure to put focus in Issued GC number or recipient prompt after escaping from customer prompt at end of sale in some cases (timing sensitive).
  • Fix null pointer exception when (somehow) approving a file selection dialog w/o any file selected.
  • Ignore Customer Address Defaults when importing Customer Records (directly or indirectly).
  • Remote Operation: Sledgehammer workaround for doubly-quoted min/max timestamp values, such as found in ITEM.NONINVCHG from bug in 4.5.94 remote upgrade step.
  • Fix for a number of remote upgrade steps (from 4.4.327 to 4.5.124) that neglected to unquote field values before using them in the upgrade logic. (In particular, 4.5.94 was causing an Unparseable Date in ITEM.NONINVCHG.)


  • More changes to handle Store Pickup correctly. Fine-tune conditions for prompting for a change in shipping address.


  • POS-13842: Add a setting to indicate that a Shipping Method is an In-Store (or At-Store) Pickup and thus not subject to Destination-Based Tax (DBT); it’s taxed at the local store rate instead.
  • Fix for error importing quantities into brand new item records with inventory location-tracking enabled.
  • Improve handling of Units Of Measure while importing (search by plural, abbreviation, and full name as well; fill all of those in if creating a new record).


  • POS-13837: Fix display of Vendor Invoice Status column and add Invoice Status filter to the Vendor Invoice Power Search.
  • POS-13838: Fix a number of cases where received costs or other details that affect the (sub)totals on POs and Vendor Invoices are modified outside those screens w/o updating the totals.
  • POS-13843: Fix so ISI download uses new zero-padded Customer ID format (e.g. “WEB00000042“) for downloaded Customer records as well as for Orders (which were changed in 4.5.98), so orders are connected to the correct Customer Records.
  • POS-13834: Fix for occasional error opening an A/R account when there are default A/R terms set, due to uninitialized proxy.


  • Add additional logging details for record errors from RecordFormUtil.loadRecord.


  • Sale Screen: Only treat scanned codes that start with “C” followed by all digits as Coupon Codes if the Tracked Coupon feature is enabled.


  • Add special GC number mapping for “ValueLink” Gift Cards (used by Clover POS) to MSR settings.
  • ISI: When uploading discounted items with a discount in excess of the normal price, clip it to zero rather than uploading a negative sale price.
  • Shopify: Fix null pointer exception on upload of a variant item after a previous pass where all the variants for a base product failed to upload (due to some other error).


  • Increase size of STKUNIT.NETCOST to avoid overflow (possibly during 4.5.61 upgrade step) when UNITCOST and/or SHIPCOST are huge.


  • Remote Operation: Fix certain upgrade steps between 4.5.63 and 4.5.98 that under some circumstances failed to upgrade some change packets.
  • Remote Operation: Ignore duplicate inserts. (Mostly, this helps us do manual repairs on the rare occasion when we have to insert records by hand.)


  • Add new Sale Screen Option: Item Lookup Mode, with “Full Lookup (detect duplicates)” as before, and “Quick Lookup (take first match)” to speed up scanning with huge numbers of items.


  • Fix for rare fatal error switching screens to another Sale Screen: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -2 9/8/2021
  • POS-13826: Item Power Search: Fix various inconsistencies in the interpretations of and interactions between the eight inventory-related parameters.


  • Fix failure to merge Station Records.


  • POS-13824: Sale Screen: Fix for doubled item pop-up note dialogs when first added to sale. Also, now only pop up the note once for each item, even when it’s scanned multiple times.


  • Fix for null pointer in 4.5.93 post-init upgrade step in rare case of loading a proxy Item Record.


  • Fix 4.5.99 pre-remote upgrade step when there are any Tax Address records.
  • SLIP-T (Standard Thermal Receipt): Fix Deposit/Balance section to display zero rather than blank when there’s no primary deposit. Fine-tune formatting of this section and the count of items purchased/returned.
  • Fix calculation of Deposit Amount and Balance Due when sale includes Charges On Account.
  • POS-13823: ISI: Handle composite tax types (like Canadian GST+PST) in Internet Order downloads.


  • Put timestamps on every line in the migration log. Flush log to file after every line, so we can see work in progress. Release image memory sooner.
  • POS-13804: Fix Optimistic Lock Exception (race condition) changing a Site Product record when changing inventory quantities for the same item at the same site at the same time from two or more stations.


  • POS-13818: Improvements for Discount Entire PO: 1) Allow fractional percentages. 2) Always set zero-quantity items to zero discount. (Discount Entire PO is intended to be used at the end, after entering all of the items.) 3) Improve distribution of dollar-amount PO Total Discounts to handle various round-off cases better and eliminate discrepancies between specified and actual discount total amounts.
  • POS-13819: Fix PO-101 and PO-102 Purchase Order forms to use “0.#” formatting for quantity field(s) instead of “0”.
  • Remote Operation: Fix out-of-memory during upgrades at sites with large numbers of outstanding remote changes.
  • Remote Operation: Fix so updates (of natural ID fields) that cause duplicates still process with reference to original values of other changed fields.
  • Migration (upgrades from 3.5): Fix for missing parent categories and/or M1 OTB Classes in some cases.
  • Fix Artisan Task Manager to again accept digits in Database Name and other fields in the task settings.


  • Remote Operation: Speed up upgrades at sites with large numbers of outstanding remote changes.
  • Redisplay Progress Monitors immediately after being interrupted by another Dialog. In particular, this restores the Progress Monitor display while restoring from a backup after confirming a database overwrite. Put progress monitor in “indeterminate” mode for backup, restore, and payment processing.
  • Migration (upgrades from 3.5): Replace blank Variant Attribute Names with “???”, like we already do for Variant Value Names.
  • Updated INV-026 Inventory Transfer Report to add the Timestamp and additional sorting and grouping options. This includes a new No Grouping option that will show each time an item has been transferred during the selected date range.


  • More fixes for adding credit card tips (gratuities).
  • Fixes for Datacap DC Direct and NETePay follow-on transactions.
  • POS-13815: Extend Ctrl-A in Inventory Transfer Screen to allow transfers of all on-hand inventory for a site as well as all pending quantities.
  • POS-13808: Allow Item Record list screens to sort by Per-Site Quantity and Reorder fields.
  • Add a note on the Payment Processing Settings to show common default Port #s for popular PIN Pad brands.
  • Updated help topics for User & Vendor Records.


  • Add index to increase performance of finding pending stock corrections.
  • When receiving with pending stock corrections, make sure resulting request date is less than the resulting (back-dated) receive date.


  • Fix 4.4.193 post-upgrade step failure to cast Long to Integer.
  • POS-13809: Fix the Item Power Search filter “No Stock at THIS Site”.


  • Variant Import Performance Improvements
  • Fix for missing error messages in rare cases.
  • POS-13806: Datacap: Fix to use new Payment IDs for Refund transactions (even though a follow-on action), allowing a void of a refund to be correctly matched to the refund rather than the original transaction. Together with changing the check for voids to match by the void’s Payment ID not the Base Payment ID, this ensures that the refund doesn’t get incorrectly treated as a detached payment.


  • Shopify: If products can’t be located in Shopify by record # or Item Code, try Private Barcode and UPC.
  • Don’t log errors from selecting invalid file names in File Choosers (when trying to save them as the new remembered location).
  • Fix Null Pointer Exception when a log-out screen is invoked when nobody is logged in.
  • Fix race condition in Configuration Screen initialization that was occasionally causing a Null Pointer Exception in BusinessConfPanel.
  • DataVision: Fix so editing formulas that contain Special Fields (“{%…}”) doesn’t complain about missing database columns. Fix so reopening edit windows for Formulas, User Columns, and User Tables treats the new text (from the current field value) as initially unchanged (for purposes of confirming discards if canceled).


  • Eliminate fatal error for illegally nested Progress Monitors (introduced in 4.5.98).
  • Fix 4.5.97 upgrade problem caused by overly-agressive constraint check (in StockUnit).
  • Pole Display: Fix so Discount Entire Sale shows discount amount instead of zero. Display negative amounts with a minus sign rather than parentheses.


  • POS-13811: Fix cases of OptimisticLockException in “STKUNIT” table from Vendor Invoice Screen when Stock Units corresponding to lines changed on the Invoice were simultaneously changed on another screen or station.


  • Fix import of Quantity Counted in Item and Site Quantities imports.
  • Change to store colors as RGBA integers. This fixes occasional failures to create new Sample Data.


  • Various refinements and fixes for Destination-Based Taxes.


  • Fix migration to discard duplicate user records (by Short Name); this should only happen from conflicts with built-in users like “CerTek”.
  • Fix to close Progress Monitors when displaying a dialog, instead of having the dialog pop behind the progress monitor.
  • POS-13810: ISI: Extend the “Customer ID Prefix” Download Task setting to be “Customer & Order ID Prefix”, and now include leading zeros between prefix and number to pad it to 8 digits for better sorting (but keep them distinct form auto-numbered Artisan Customer IDs that use 3 letters plus 7 digits). This also allows for multiple Internet Stores to be active w/o number overlap.


  • POS-13805: Fix for missing non-preferred Vendor Products during migration.
  • Fix subtle issue with constraint violations when a case-based item has such a small case cost that the unit cost rounds down to zero. Fix conversion between case and unit cost in such cases as well. Add additional stock unit constraints, such as Receive Date >= Request Date (when both are non-null).


  • Fix import to recognize 3.5 DBF field names for Postal Code and other address fields.


  • Fix for 100% PAX Direct communication failure caused by 4.5.82 change where it was accidentally changed to get the device address from a different configuration field.


  • POS-13799: ISI: Speed up uploads for WooCommerce and Shopify by recognizing the extremely common case where the only changes to an Item Record are changes in Available Quantity (from Receiving, Sales, Adjustments, etc.) and optimize them by uploading only the Available Qty and skipping checks for updated images. (Optimization not implemented for Zoey/Magento at this time.)


  • Fix a number of problems using Tips (Gratuities).
  • POS-13801: Fix failure to create Category and Item Price Levels for newly-created Customer Types. (Broken in 4.5.61.) Upgrade recreates missing price levels.


  • Expand length of Token in Card-on-File Record to support DC Direct. Other fixes and refinements for DC Direct, including renaming Initialize button to Test (since all it does in the DC Direct case is verify communication with the PIN Pad), and removing 2-second wait between Approval and return to PIN Pad Welcome screen, since DC Direct always returns to Welcome within 1/4 second anyway.
  • Change all 3 Datacap solutions to use site-local numeric Lane IDs instead of full station numbers.
  • NETePay: For clarity, change Server Name/IP setting to “dsiPDCX Listener Host Name or IP”.
  • Protect against Null Pointer Exception in SaleScreen line item view filter when tranLine is unexpectedly null. (The root cause is not yet understood, but this will prevent a fatal error crash. It has been known to happen after scanning too fast.)


  • Fix so sales line item combining is done after customer-type pricing/discounts are applied.
  • Apply some data corrections that were accidentally skipped in previous upgrades.


  • Fix IllegalStateException with QtyReserved > QOH during Steal Reserve, broken as a result of 4.5.53 changes to OOS model.
  • Fix so record table screen row order is stable upon refresh even when sort fields don’t make a unique key. (This was also causing a jumping cursor after going into an action menu; for example, for printing labels from Receiving Log.)
  • When run for a single Item, the Repair Quantities tool (in Advanced Database Maintenance) no longer requires exclusive access (and therefore can be run while Remote Operation is active).


  • Added New Label Size 2 1/4″ x 3/4″.


  • Fix slow startup of Day-End screen for companies with a large number of sale lines in their history.


  • WooCommerce: Fix problem deleting products that were variants (and still are in WooCommerce) but are now simple products or base products (in Artisan).
  • Change default for printing slips for Voids to TRUE (for new data and new Device Profiles).
  • Fix for NETePay, which stopped working in 4.5.85.
  • Fix SLIP-T Sales Slip Form tender section to print “Paid By” only once. Fix SLIP-T and SLIP-S to not duplicate tenders with follow-on payment processing, such as gratuities.


  • Fix 4.4.10 upgrade step failure on M1STORE in some cases.
  • Shopify: Fix for UnsupportedOperationException in Upload task when a variant image matches a previously-uploaded base product image.
  • Expand NETePay to allow preliminary support for EBT and Processor Gift Cards.


  • POS-13794: Increase size of Site List Fields, including Internet Sites field in Site Record; allow “ALL” for All Other Inventory Sites, in Site Number order.
  • Continued work on Datacap: Add device discovery (by ID/serial number) for TranCloud and DC Direct.


  • Add an index to speed up sales slip printing.
  • Shopify: Update to latest Shopify API version 2021-07 (no changes).


  • POS-13785: Add support for NETePay and DC Direct (in addition to TranCloud).


  • POS-13723: Add CUS-231, Sales By Customer Postal Code Report.

4.5.80 Beta

  • POS-13792: Fix inconsistencies in precision and scale of new Total PO Discount field, which could cause a constraint violation saving changes to a PO w/o changing any line items, after certain upgrade paths.
  • POS-13791: Fix missing Item Code and other Item fields in Detailed Sales Export (and potentially other problems with complex indirect field lists in record tables).

4.5.78 Beta

  • ISI: Fix for incorrect uploaded quantities when multiple sites specified in Inventory Sites.

4.5.77 Beta 

  • Fix constraint violation due to null ISI_SITES creating new Site Records.

4.5.76 Beta

  • POS-12468: Fix CONS-101 and SAL-207 to handle fill-in description items better. Fix a number of formatting issues with CONS-101 and SAL-207. Minor performance improvement for CONS-104.
  • Report Designer: Fix Sort Window to preserve current order of sort items.

4.5.75 Beta

  • Report Designer: Add Swap button (“<->”) to Group and Sort windows. Like Replace Field Source, this allows you to change the field used for a Group without changing any of its other content or settings.
  • POS-13788: When exporting detailed sales transactions (from Accounting), which includes multiple tables, continue even if some tables have no records to export. Report that as a warning at the end (in all exports), only if *all* tables have no records to export.
  • POS-13721: Fix so Shopify (and other ISI) Option Choices and Images match the Artisan Variant Order. Handle various unusual combinations of variant and base product images (including deletions) in Shopify.

4.5.74 Beta

  • POS-13737: Fine-tune key timing so progress dialog doesn’t interfere as much with fast typing.
  • POS-13702: ISI: Allow upload task to specify a comma-list of sites to include in available internet sites. For order downloads, the Site Record for the internet sales site can specify a comma-list of sites to check in addition to the default inventory site. Enforce site number comma-list formatting for the Surcharge Sites field in Category Record.
  • Artisan Task Manager: Use Cross-Platform Look & Feel because native L&F on Mac OS Big Sur looks bad (highlight for selected tab is unreadable).

4.5.72 Beta

  • Fix duplicate key exception adding Pending Transfers (via Receiving) in some cases.
  • Fix SQL error “more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression” displaying Inventory Transfers or Pending Transfers with Power Search filter set to show Pending Only.
  • POS-13784: Fix more cases of handling customer types that require an ID when no ID was used. Fix some (but not all) cases of multiple applications of category special handling due to sale screen event handling complexities.
  • (POS-13784) Give an error when switching to a customer type that requires an ID w/o an ID present, instead of just silently reverting to the fallback customer type. Fix ordering issue when such a customer type is specified in a customer record.
  • POS-13716: Report Engine: Fix occasional problem with aggregate forward references when using multiple group levels. In particular INV-053, Inventory Summary Report was in certain circumstances reporting an inner group total from a different group (of the same level) further down the report.
  • POS-13786: Fix so export honors checkbox selection.
  • POS-13786: Fix crash exporting with checkbox selection enabled.
  • POS-13783: When saving a PO fails because all items have zero qty, leave them on the PO and let the user continue. If some are non-zero and others are zero, let the user know that items w/zero qty will be removed and ask if they want to continue.
  • Allow Inventory Location to be changed on line items in Pending Orders (until they’re Delivered or Voided), with corresponding adjustments to reserved Purchase Requests & POs.
  • Make sure PO Screen pre-loading of Vendor Products uses the main session. This could have caused a problem in very specific circumstances of applying a non-percentage entire-PO discount that needs to split a line to cover round-off discrepancies, only when multi-vendor enabled.

4.5.71 Beta

  • Fix for multiple SiteProduct instances loaded in the same session after adding the same item to a sale multiple times (with or without a void in between).
  • Fix problems using check for “DATASCOPE_LOG_INSERT” to see whether to recreate remote logging functions. Fix so the “@ANY_IMAGES” Formula field is skipped when creating remote logging functions.
  • POS-13757: Major performance improvement for “Has Images?” fields in Item, Category, and Customer Record lists.

4.5.70 Beta

  • POS-13717: Fix the ordering of applying temporary filters, so PO selection for creating a Vendor Invoice shows *all* of the POs without Invoices.
  • Rework POS-13760 fix for saving PO changes that increase existing lines with Request Reasons other than PO w/o Request to use special-case code in the PO screen. Revert the prior more general changes in the handling of new records, as they broke the creation of Sample Data Transactions (and possibly other things).

4.5.69 Beta

  • Fix migration failure when a vendor for a consignment statement is missing/deleted.

4.5.68 Beta

  • POS-13781, POS-13735: Fix additional cases where adding inventory (e.g. via transfers) didn’t unreserve on-order stock units and/or didn’t change corresponding orders’ status from Waiting to Ready (or Incomplete if Custom).
  • Minor optimization for Item Qty Repair Tool.

4.5.67 Beta

  • Fix error starting PO from Purchase Request due to attempt to load a proxy Station Record into two sessions.
  • POS-13782 – Added new label stock to rotate 2.25 x 1.25 90 degrees to the right.
  • POS-13760: Fix so new records in memory are still considered new for purposes of determining “original” values, even after being saved and re-enabling property changes. This fixes problems with saving PO changes that increase existing lines with Request Reasons other than PO w/o Request.
  • Fix syntax error at ‘)’ in new check for logging functions when starting the program while remote (unless upgrading).
  • POS-13760: Fix failure to recognize legitimate records in Scan Mode in some cases, and other instances of fetching records when already in a Data Worker.

4.5.66 Beta

  • POS-13775: Fix constraint violation saving vendor invoices due to the incorrect number of decimal places in Subtotal / Total Cost.
  • 4.5.65: POS-13761, POS-13763: Rework upgrade step processing to fix problems creating new records during upgrades while Remote Operation is active. Fix remote merges to merge duplicate permanent records even when caused by updates rather than inserts; this fixes problems with upgrading a pre-existing “CerTek” user (to become the new built-in “CerTek” user) while remote. Fix to allow trademark characters in Shipping Method names (e.g. for UPS via Shopify). Run the upgrade code that was missed in 4.5.01, to strip now-invalid characters from Shipping Method names and Product Lists in Sales Slip Styles, and recompute customer “Full Names”.
  • 4.5.64: Force Default Customer Zip/Postal Code to be non-null, which avoids constraint violation in rare cases when saving sales (which was already requiring tender.postal to be non-null).
  • 4.5.63: POS-13754: External Accounting Export: Give more control over handling of exported Deposit transactions. In particular, allow each Deposit Group to be independently configured. Rework & reword the related portion of the configuration settings screen for clarity.
  • DataVision: Fix parsing of double curly-brace for JDBC escape sequences to not insert a space between the brace and the “fn”. Fix corruption of expression string being opened for editing when an error occurs due to parsing (because 4.5 changed earlier to display the error and continue rather than throwing an exception and losing all unsaved changes to the report).
  • POS-13726: Improve date/time parsing to allow commas after day number. In Day-End Closing and other contexts where date input is for the end date of a range, reset time to end-of-day if the date text is edited w/o changing the time; for Day-End this means that all later sales on the same date will be included.
  • POS-13759: Fix so embedded tables (like “Locations…” and Item & Category Price Levels) start with a (default) sort order applied, as they did in 4.4.
  • POS-13773: Fix Null Pointer using Smart Returns with shared-inventory Variant Items (such as case/pack/single variants) when location-tracking is on, by preloading site products.

4.5.61 (Never released)

  • New Label Stock 2 x 1 printed 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Additional fix for 4.5.61 upgrade step to repair pre-existing problems from 3.X where STKUNIT.UNITCOST != CASECOST when CASESIZE == 1.
  • Fix for missing “dmax” while creating new blank data (due to ordering dependency created by 4.5.61 PO Discount feature): now create custom functions *before* tables (so constraints can use custom functions).
  • Fix Null Pointer Exception creating blank data (due to changes to support patch levels).
  • If Sales/Order Import fails with an exception, put up an error dialog instead of just logging it to log.txt.
  • Remote Operation: Fix to not get stuck waiting for changes from “DEAD” nodes.
  • POS-13764: Fix “No Receiving Record Selected” trying to Print from a Receiving List Screen, and other cases where screen result delivery is racing with a screen refresh during activation.
  • Fix crash searching for Smart Return on an item with not applicable sales to return.
  • POS-13749: Remove feature that was trying to be helpful but in practice is too confusing: no longer set Vendor’s P/N in a new Item Record from the search string when searching by Item Code with auto-numbering enabled.
  • POS-13770: Fix Null Pointer Exception in IntegerType.next when trying to save a new Customer Type record.
  • POS-13767: Fix Pricing Chart editing, especially adding new lines.
  • Fix 4.5.61 upgrade step to repair pre-existing rounding problems in STKUNIT.UNITCOST from 3.X, when CASESIZE > 1.
  • Important Minor Feature: 4.5.61: POS-10159: Add the ability to discount PO line items (as percentage or decimal amount) and/or Discount Entire PO (by percentage or decimal amount). Display PO Total Discount as both decimal amount and percentage. Enhance Receiving Log screen to show all the cost details, including discounts (when present). Change numerous reports to incorporate discounts into Cost of Inventory & COGS, usually via one of two new fields: NETCOST (per-Piece, after Discounts & Shipping) and D_LINE_AMOUNT (per-Case, after Discounts, before Shipping). Fix existing inconsistencies in some of the reports, especially related to Case Qty vs Unit Qty. Fix PUR-015 to work in Sample Data. Fix uninitialized cg1/pg1 in PUR-015 and others.

4.5.59 Beta

  • POS-13765: Fix “Invalid path: ‘baseItem.id'” when using a search string in the Inventory Transfer Screen.
  • Fix remote merge of Time Clock Record Hours Worked when Time Clock Rounding is set to zero.

4.5.58 Beta

  • Receiving Reports, RCV-001 fix, and update to 4.5 standards.
  • Fix invalid type “string” in Item Repair tool when in mixed-mode Location Tracking.
  • On Order Reports, PUR-004, PUR-014, PUR-015 fix and update to 4.5 standards.


  • Fix PAX Direct response processing to correct factor of 100 error in returned values for Debit/EBT Balance and Cash Back, and Approved Amount for partial approvals. (In 4.5, the latter could also cause normal approvals to be 100 times the correct amount, treating the difference as Cash Back.)
  • Fix null pointer during refreshData when there’s no record for the currently selected row.

4.5.55 Beta

  • Fix problem with migration of consignment statements and vendor invoices as a side effect of the new Return-To-Vendor Receipt.
  • POS-13756: Fix errors receiving and/or voiding sales of items with blank descriptions (even though the original sale had a fill-in description); record as “—“.

4.5.54 Beta

  • Add “In Menu?” field to Variant Values (default = Yes) to control whether a particular value is included in the Variants menu for its Attribute.
  • Enhancements for using Receipt Printer for Day-End: 1) Allow preview, just like with full-sheet form. 2) On Day-End Reprint, allow the regular full-sheet Sales Summary as an additional option (but default is still the Receipt Printer version). 3) Allow the Sales Summary for Receipt Printer (with date range) to be run directly from Sales Report menus.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT: POS-13735: Whenever increasing available QOH (through transfers, receiving, etc.), check to see if it can be used to satisfy existing reservations against pending Purchase Requests or Purchase Orders, reducing or deleting those Requests and/or un-reserving the PO lines.
  • POS-13742: Fix so Alt keys are never interpreted as the start of a scan (when using Keyboard Emulation Devices).
  • POS-13745: ISI: Add upload configuration field: “Inventory Site # (blank = Total)”.
  • Change 4.5.01 upgrade step to (re)define the “imin” function that was accidentally missed in the 4.1.118/4.1.122 upgrade step, for customers with data that old.

4.5.51 Beta

  • POS-13752 (part 2 of 2): Two inventory-location-tracking fixes: (1) Fix to not re-sync site products (QOH, etc) upon opening the Locations table if the Item Record or any of its child records have been modified. This was causing per-site changes to be discarded (but not the corresponding Item Record totals, leaving them inconsistent) and the associated flush to the database was saving (partial) changes prematurely. (2) Fix incorrect calculation when changing QOH twice before saving.
  • POS-13752 (part 1 of 2): Fix to allow editing of Reorder Levels when Reorder Mode is set to Per-Site (Individual).
  • When reporting fatal errors, replace UndeclaredThrowableException with the actual exception that caused it.
  • Skip kit components with zero quantities (leftover from 3.5; 4.X does not allow components with zero quantities).
  • Fix build of Task Manager to work for Zoey/Magento.

4.5.50 Beta

  • POS-13750: Fix so credit card partial approvals use the approved amount, not the original amount, in tenders and PPLOG entries.

4.5.49 Beta

  • TS#21094 Added Avg Sale to EMP-163 – Employee Performance. Also significant formatting improvements and general cleanup.
  • POS-13715: Fix PO Screen and Vendor Invoice Screen to avoid crashes after coming back from changing Vendor details via F4 Edit.
  • 4.5.49: POS-13748: Implement (partial) “Transfer to Another Store” feature. (Unlike 3.X, this will not yet export to a file. We’ll probably add that in 4.6.)
  • TS#20928 Fixed issues with MCH-054 – Merchandise Performance Report when grouping by vendor.

4.5.47 Beta

  • Fix clearing of Item and related fields on import of downloaded sales lines (due to failure to find import names, including “SKU”, for “ITRANL.ITEM”).
  • Fix obscure error importing (downloaded) orders due to changes in Hibernate Validator library.
  • POS-13730: Increase all discount-type fields from 8 to 12 characters, to allow for large dollar discounts.
  • POS-13747: Add virtual columns to Item, Category, and Customer Records for “Has Any Images (Pictures)?”. (For Customer, which only has one, it’s called “Has a Customer Picture (Image)?”.)
  • Make the Last Counted Date field importable, so it will be included in Audit Log details when it changes.

4.5.45 Beta

  • Add Receipt Printer type for Partner-Tech, with specific margins with additional heuristics to identify Partner-Tech receipt printers from their device names.
  • External Accounting: Fine-tune Vendor Invoice message.
  • POS-13725: Allow users to override assigned coupon number for manually-created Store Coupons, when first created.
  • POS-13725 (partial): Add “Next Store Coupon Number” that was accidentally left off of the “Next Available Numbers” panel in Business & Financial Settings.
  • POS-13637: To avoid the confusion of the Sale Screen DOB prompt when it isn’t being used, default the Age Verification feature to disabled, even when a Deluxe license key is added, except in Sample Data for Fireworks or Wine & Liquor industries. Default Remote Operation feature to disabled in all cases.

4.5.44 Beta

  • Fix Sale Screen navigation inconsistencies, especially w.r.t. kits and extended description lines.
  • POS-13744: Remove overzealous assert (no longer applies due to 4.5 restructuring) when selling a kit for higher than the sum of its component prices.

Version 4.4 Highlights

Artisan POS version 4.4 had an unprecedented number of single point updates with a whopping 420 of them. This was partially due to adding new features all along the way. We vow to dramatically curtail this activity in 4.5 with 90% feature-complete on day 1 of the release. New changes will only be considered for 4.6 to improve the stability for all.

Here are some of the more recent and important 4.4 features.

  • Remote Operation – for Multi-Store and Remote Stations
  • Internet Store Interface for Shopify and Woo Commerce
  • Gift Registry
  • Buy From Customer
  • Implement TranCloud Payment Processing which replaces BridgePay’s Pay Guardian
  • Processor-Based Gift Cards (for TranCloud)
  • Sales Summary by Station
  • Implement Cash Counter with Enhancements
  • Sticky Quick-Pick – Enhancements to our Quick-Pick menu
  • Implement Record Selection Check Boxes for Bulk Changes, Print, and Export in 4.5.
  • Add Refresh button to Report Viewer so that you can edit your parameters without having to start over
  • Implement Cash Rounding Feature (for Canda and others without a 1 cent coin)
  • Implement Age Verification Feature
  • Implement Multi-Vendor
  • Add On-Screen Keyboard for Touch Screen Mode
  • Implement Video Customer (Pole) Display
  • PO “Smart Start” – Start the order off with the quantities from recent sales.
  • Receive by Scanning
  • Surcharge Items, BOGO, Advanced Coupons, Pricing Charts & Quantity Breaks
  • Customer Forms, Reserved Receiving Notes, Bulk Change Performance
  • Basic Destination-Based Sales Tax (no online lookups)
  • New and Optimized Bulk Change options
  • General Cleanup and Bug Fixes

On the Horizon Late in 4.5

Of course, there are many things that we really wanted to do in 4.5, but we just couldn’t get to everything. These things we consider hypercritical and shouldn’t have a deleterious effect on existing users.

  • Support Datacap’s Net E Pay payment processing method.
  • Automatic Updates (This is an elusive feature that may appear in part after 4.5 is initially released.)
  • Import Excel Formula Values
  • Import – No-Add Mode – Update Existing Records or Ignore
  • Shopify Gift Card Enhancements

On the Horizon in 4.6

  • Support for BigCommerce Webstore Interface
  • Automatic Billing & Expiring Credit Card Report
  • Third-Party Billing
  • Alternate Shipping Addresses for PO’s and Customers
  • Back Order Items
  • Duplicate Customer Report & Missing Address Power Search
Updated on June 27, 2023

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