What’s New in Artisan POS 4.5

Although we have been extremely busy with support all during the health crisis, we have been diligently working on 4.5, which is the next round of significant changes since 4.4 was released. There’s lots of important work in 4.5 and significant improvements. As we hope you will read below, we were able to dramatically improve efficiency with the Record Table Screen Paging, add a bunch of Search and Sort improvements, Record List Export, and many others, we couldn’t get to everything on the list. We have to make a cut-off and get some of these crucial changes in your hands! We will continue to work on the things most requested by users. At the end of this document, we will cover what’s coming late in 4.5 and in 4.6.

4.5 Beta has been distributed to at least 10 customers. Please contact us if you want to be next!



1 – Record Table Screen Paging

As you may know, a record is an Item, Category, Vendor, Saved Sale, and many more. Some of these types of records may get very large such as Items or Saved Sales. Now In 4.5, Artisan doesn’t try to load all these records at once. In 4.4, this was slowing down the screen and preventing you from working right away. Perhaps you have seen the message about too many records to display.

Or perhaps you have seen the message “Loading Records…”

Both of these problems have been dramatically reduced because Artisan only now loads a few pages of information and as you scroll down more records are loaded. Of course, if you start filtering your data by typing something in the search boxes, then the number of matching records reduces even further.

This is particularly useful in scenarios like recalling sales. Now you can get rid of the extra search options such as “Recent Sales” or “2020 Sales” and the resulting confusion. From now on, just the most recent sales, or whatever default search you have, will show the last few pages sales… and as you page down the list will continue to expand as needed.


2 – New & Repaired Search Options

Some of our users have experienced missing search options in many critical places. 4.5 makes a valiant effort to restore these to their original intended options. Additionally, we have added and tweaked various options to reflect the way our customers are using the program.

Example: Recalling Saved Sale

In 4.4 it might be very limited with just one option (or maybe you added one or two of your own).


But this is how it supposed to be (now in 4.5).

Of course, you may still have some that you added.


3 – Power Search Panel for Recalled Sales

We added a new Power Search Panel for recalling Sales.


4 – Additional Search Query Operators

When you are searching for a matching field, there are new choices on how the search is conducted. Here’s an example of how Text Filters have improved.

 Field Type In 4.4 the choices are:  In 4.5 the choices are:






5 – Regular Expressions – Advanced Searching

If you are a computer programmer or advanced user, you can now take advantage of a special syntax language used for advanced searching.



6 – Temporary Filter (Like Temporary Vendor Filter)

Under certain circumstances, such as searching for an item record for a purchase order, Artisan will filter the list for items that only belong to the vendor for which you are creating the PO. Now in 4.5, this behavior is more visible and you can now search for all items (from all vendors) by un-checking the box in the “Temporary Vendor Filter”. If you were to also save your modified Power Search, this filter will not be included when you save. So if you un-check it here and then save your search, the next time you use your saved filter, this box will be checked.

7 – Multi-Level Sort Option

You can now have multiple level sorts from the record table screens. In this example, the Vendor is the primary search with the category as the secondary search. So COUPON, GC, SHIP, XGC are in alphabetical order. You can add up to 4 columns in your tiered search by Shift-Click on each column header. To reset or change the columns, simply click on a column header (without the shift key).

Shift-Click for a limit of 4 columns.


8 – Added Option on Item Power Search Panel

We have added Description (Contains) to the Item Power Search Panel.

9 – Time Stamp Works with “At Least” or “At Most” to filter by Time.

Now you can filter items from a date and TIME.  For example, you can now look for sales from a particular day after a certain time.

Time can also be used with the “At Most” choice and in the Advanced Filters. For example, you could create a time range to filter your sales by combing “At Least” and “At Most” as shown below.



10 – Exports from Record Table Screen

You can now export records directly to CSV or Text file.

You have a choice of just the fields that are shown on your screen or to export all fields.



11 – Restrict Discounts


12 – PPLOG – Magic Card # and New default Columns in including

(Card Number Column now optimized to fit in a small column rather than showing all the stars.)


13 – Title Bar Enhancement

The title bar now shows more details. For example, when you are in an item record you can see what item you are looking at even if you are not on the Basic Tab.


14 – Tool Tips

When you hover over fields that are cut off, sometimes more details will appear when you hover your mouse over the item.


15 – Additional Details in the Audit Log

We have added more information in the Audit Log so you can see the Context of which specific Sale, Item, Customer, etc.


16 – Additional Changes

  • Added Bulk Change Sales Rep to Customer Records
  • REMOTE OPERATION: Is now more robust.
  • Print To File now works when Printing a List of Records


17 – Report Improvements

  • EMP-163 – Employee Performance
  • INV-053 – Inventory Summary Report
  • MCH-054 – Merchandise Performance Report
  • MCH-149: Variant Report – has enhanced Parameter Choices


18 – Inventory Handling Improvements

  • Whenever increasing available QOH (through transfers, receiving, etc.), check to see if it can be used to satisfy existing reservations against pending Purchase Requests or Purchase Orders, reducing or deleting those Requests and/or un-reserving the PO lines.
  • Partially implemented the Inventory Transfer Export option. This will allow you to alleviate the inventory but doesn’t yet create the export file to import into another copy of Artisan.


19 – Internet Store Interface

  • Add upload configuration field: “Inventory Site # (blank = Total)”.


4.5 Change Log

Updated 4/15/2021

4.5.54 Beta

  • Add “In Menu?” field to Variant Values (default = Yes) to control whether a particular value is included in the Variants menu for its Attribute.
  • Enhancements for using Receipt Printer for Day-End: 1) Allow preview, just like with full-sheet form. 2) On Day-End Reprint, allow the regular full-sheet Sales Summary as an additional option (but default is still the Receipt Printer version). 3) Allow the Sales Summary for Receipt Printer (with date range) to be run directly from Sales Report menus.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT: POS-13735: Whenever increasing available QOH (through transfers, receiving, etc.), check to see if it can be used to satisfy existing reservations against pending Purchase Requests or Purchase Orders, reducing or deleting those Requests and/or un-reserving the PO lines.
  • POS-13742: Fix so Alt keys are never interpreted as the start of a scan (when using Keyboard Emulation Devices).
  • POS-13745: ISI: Add upload configuration field: “Inventory Site # (blank = Total)”.
  • Change 4.5.01 upgrade step to (re)define the “imin” function that was accidentally missed in the 4.1.118/4.1.122 upgrade step, for customers with data that old.


4.5.51 Beta

  • POS-13752 (part 2 of 2): Two inventory-location-tracking fixes: (1) Fix to not re-sync site products (QOH, etc) upon opening the Locations table if the Item Record or any of its child records have been modified. This was causing per-site changes to be discarded (but not the corresponding Item Record totals, leaving them inconsistent) and the associated flush to the database was saving (partial) changes prematurely. (2) Fix incorrect calculation when changing QOH twice before saving.
  • POS-13752 (part 1 of 2): Fix to allow editing of Reorder Levels when Reorder Mode is set to Per-Site (Individual).
  • When reporting fatal errors, replace UndeclaredThrowableException with the actual exception that caused it.
  • Skip kit components with zero quantities (leftover from 3.5; 4.X does not allow components with zero quantities).
  • Fix build of Task Manager to work for Zoey/Magento.


4.5.50 Beta

  • POS-13750: Fix so credit card partial approvals use the approved amount, not the original amount, in tenders and PPLOG entries.


4.5.49 Beta

  • TS#21094 Added Avg Sale to EMP-163 – Employee Performance. Also significant formatting improvements and general cleanup.
  • POS-13715: Fix PO Screen and Vendor Invoice Screen to avoid crashes after coming back from changing Vendor details via F4 Edit.
  • 4.5.49: POS-13748: Implement (partial) “Transfer to Another Store” feature. (Unlike 3.X, this will not yet export to a file. We’ll probably add that in 4.6.)
  • TS#20928 Fixed issues with MCH-054 – Merchandise Performance Report when grouping by vendor.


4.5.47 Beta

  • Fix clearing of Item and related fields on import of downloaded sales lines (due to failure to find import names, including “SKU”, for “ITRANL.ITEM”).
  • Fix obscure error importing (downloaded) orders due to changes in Hibernate Validator library.
  • POS-13730: Increase all discount-type fields from 8 to 12 characters, to allow for large dollar discounts.
  • POS-13747: Add virtual columns to Item, Category, and Customer Records for “Has Any Images (Pictures)?”. (For Customer, which only has one, it’s called “Has a Customer Picture (Image)?”.)
  • Make the Last Counted Date field importable, so it will be included in Audit Log details when it changes.


4.5.45 Beta

  • Add Receipt Printer type for Partner-Tech, with specific margins with additional heuristics to identify Partner-Tech receipt printers from their device names.
  • External Accounting: Fine-tune Vendor Invoice message.
  • POS-13725: Allow users to override assigned coupon number for manually-created Store Coupons, when first created.
  • POS-13725 (partial): Add “Next Store Coupon Number” that was accidentally left off of the “Next Available Numbers” panel in Business & Financial Settings.
  • POS-13637: To avoid the confusion of the Sale Screen DOB prompt when it isn’t being used, default the Age Verification feature to disabled, even when a Deluxe license key is added, except in Sample Data for Fireworks or Wine & Liquor industries. Default Remote Operation feature to disabled in all cases.


4.5.44 Beta

  • Fix Sale Screen navigation inconsistencies, especially w.r.t. kits and extended description lines.
  • POS-13744: Remove overzealous assert (no longer applies due to 4.5 restructuring) when selling a kit for higher than the sum of its component prices.

Version 4.4 Highlights

Artisan POS version 4.4 had an unprecedented number of single point updates with a whopping 420 of them. This was partially due to adding new features all along the way. We vow to dramatically curtail this activity in 4.5 with 90% feature-complete on day 1 of the release. New changes will only be considered for 4.6 to improve the stability for all.

Here are some of the more recent and important 4.4 features.

  • Remote Operation – for Multi-Store and Remote Stations
  • Internet Store Interface for Shopify and Woo Commerce
  • Gift Registry
  • Buy From Customer
  • Implement TranCloud Payment Processing which replaces BridgePay’s Pay Guardian
  • Processor-Based Gift Cards (for TranCloud)
  • Sales Summary by Station
  • Implement Cash Counter with Enhancements
  • Sticky Quick-Pick – Enhancements to our Quick-Pick menu
  • Implement Record Selection Check Boxes for Bulk Changes, Print, and Export in 4.5.
  • Add Refresh button to Report Viewer so that you can edit your parameters without having to start over
  • Implement Cash Rounding Feature (for Canda and others without a 1 cent coin)
  • Implement Age Verification Feature
  • Implement Multi-Vendor
  • Add On-Screen Keyboard for Touch Screen Mode
  • Implement Video Customer (Pole) Display
  • PO “Smart Start” – Start the order off with the quantities from recent sales.
  • Receive by Scanning
  • Surcharge Items, BOGO, Advanced Coupons, Pricing Charts & Quantity Breaks
  • Customer Forms, Reserved Receiving Notes, Bulk Change Performance
  • Basic Destination-Based Sales Tax (no online lookups)
  • New and Optimized Bulk Change options
  • General Cleanup and Bug Fixes


On the Horizon Late in 4.5

Of course, there are many things that we really wanted to do in 4.5, but we just couldn’t get to everything. These things we consider hypercritical and shouldn’t have a deleterious effect on existing users.

  • Support Datacap’s Net E Pay payment processing method.
  • Automatic Updates (This is an elusive feature that may appear in part after 4.5 is initially released.)
  • Import Excel Formula Values
  • Import – No-Add Mode – Update Existing Records or Ignore
  • Shopify Gift Card Enhancements


On the Horizon in 4.6

  • Support for BigCommerce Webstore Interface
  • Automatic Billing & Expiring Credit Card Report
  • Third-Party Billing
  • Alternate Shipping Addresses for PO’s and Customers
  • Back Order Items
  • Duplicate Customer Report & Missing Address Power Search