Customer Mailing Labels

In order to print labels for customers for mailing purposes, which includes their names and mailing addresses, go to: Main (GO) Menu=>Labels=>Customer ID & Mailing Labels



When entering the customer list, you will see a message like the image below with instructions to use the shortcut Ctrl-P or select the “Print Labels” button


Filter the List by Using Power Search

You may want to print mailing labels for all of your customers, but most likely you only need certain customers who bought certain items or spent certain amount of money in a given time frame. Artisan allows you to do this but using the Power Search feature.




There are many fields you can query through the Power Search feature. Basically, from here you have access to almost all fields in the POS database, so that is powerful.

Let’s see an example of how we can use this tool on customers.

After we have selected “Show Power Search” you will get a screen similar to the image below.

1. Customer Search Filters: these tab offers you pre-defined filters you can use to obtain a list of customer based on the criteria you use

2. WHO PURCHASED: these are arguments we can pass on to the list we want. On the example below, we are querying only customer WHO PURCHASED at least 10 dollars total in the last 1 month.

3. Matching Records: we see that only 36 records matched this criteria.


Customer Filters

Create Your Own Search Filters

The second tab, Advanced Filters, also gives you flexibility to access all possible database fields and combine them using logic. (This feature is targeted to advanced users) but feel free to play with it.

In the example below, we are able to get customer whose city is Skillman and first name starts with the letter “K” by using the the field “City” and “First Name”. (See image below)

There are many options to gather customers in a list, it all depends on what you need. You may use as many filters as you’d like to compile the list you need.


Printing the Labels

Now that we have the list of customer we want to print mailing labels for, it is time to do the actual printing.

1. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P or select the “Print” button on the bottom of the screen


2. Then choose “Print Labels for All Matching Records”


3. After this selection, a new prompt will be shown. Make sure Avery 5160 Customer mailing Labels – 3 X 10 is selected (Only type of labels supported at the time of this writing) (See image below).

Then click “Start” and you should have your new mailing labels.



If your labels do not print, make sure your printer is connected and set up in Artisan POS. You may contact our technical support department if you need assistance.