Datacap Online Portal and Virtual Terminal

You can view payment information via Datacap’s online portal, which helps you see an in-depth overview of all payment processing charges.

For emergencies and offline transactions, use the Virtual Terminal. Jump to this section to learn more.

Datacap Online Portal

CerTek will register your email address and you will get an email from Datacap to finish setting up your account.

Once logged in, you’ll have access to transaction information on the main screen, which is also called the dashboard.

Transact Overview

This section displays a week to week break down of any card transactions. The bar graph illustrates the amount of the transaction and the date it was made. Hovering over each bar tells you the amount of the transaction.

The daily total is broken down by card type with an amount summary. Clicking on “show more details” opens another screen with further breakdown of the payments.

The “Summary” screen showcases payment details with the date, number of payments, and the subtotal.

The date automatically defaults to today’s date, though you can change it to be whatever range you wish by clicking on the date field.

On the bottom of the screen is the transaction details section. Here, you’ll see the date and time, transaction type, card brand, and other details.

You can download the results to view this information in a .csv file format.

Advanced Live Features

If necessary, enter information in the Advanced Live Filters fields to narrow your summary.

Notice, for example, that after “VISA” is selected as the “Card Brand,” only results with “VISA” show up.

Virtual Terminal

Go to the Virtual Terminal website.

The first step is to configure your terminal.

Click on the “Configure” tab and enter your Merchant ID, merchant name, phone number, and address. Keep “allow partial auth” checked. Press “Save.”

Run a test transaction. Click on the “Payment” tab.

Select if you want to manually type the test card’s information in or swipe the card. You can also choose if the transaction is a sale or a return and if it is a gift or a credit card.

Press “Process Transaction.”

You can print a receipt for your transaction by clicking on “Sale Receipt.” 


To ensure the test transaction went through, go to your online portal and check your card transactions.


Updated on September 12, 2023

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