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Print Labels in Order

You can print out labels from Artisan in the order they appear in the program. This is useful if you want to label items in a specific order, such as by quantity on hand, item code, or more, to make your physical labelling process easier.

Artisan determines this information based on which direction the arrow is pointing (up or down) on the column(s) you select. Clicking on the “down” facing arrow pushes the item you selected toward the bottom of top of the list.

For example, the item “21 BD” is at the top of the list. 

Once the triangle is pressed, this item is now at the bottom.

Sorting by String Value Order

Artisan reads information as “string values.” For instance, Artisan does not recognize numbers in a numerical sense on its own–Artisan just views strings as text. You must tell Artisan when something is a number.

How do you do that? Each string value, when read as a number, requires “leading zeros” in order to be sorted correctly (what we normally refer to as “numerically” sorted, such as 1, 2, 3, etc.). The amount of leading zeros required is determined by how much information you’re inputting from Excel into Artisan.

For example, if you plan on inputting 50 items, only one leading zero is fine. If you’re inputting a bigger amount, say close to close to 100, two leading zeros should be enough. If you plan on inputting more than 100, use three leading zeros. 

In Artisan, create a custom field. This is where your “string value” list will go.

Click on “Configure Columns” to add a Custom Field to the screen.

Close out of the Item Records screen.

Scan your products with the TC26 Portable Data Terminal.

Export that information as .txt file over WiFi and add your leading zeros in Excel.

Import the file into Artisan (“File,” “Import,” “Item Records”). Remember, this information must have leading zeros in order to be sorted correctly.

Re-open the Item Records screen. Your custom field should have the numbers listed in the order you scanned the items.

Press “Print” and print out your labels. 

The labels will print based on how you’ve sorted them in Artisan (ex. in order from 01-09).

Sheets of labels print left to right, then up and down.

Select Multiple Columns

You can select multiple columns if necessary. Hold down shift on your keyboard and click on another column to select it. A number will appear in the upper-right corner in the order it was selected (ex. category was selected first, then vendor, then item code). 

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Updated on June 14, 2023

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