Setting Up A Barcode Scanner in Artisan

Barcode scanners are a great way to input inventory into Artisan and ring them up at the sales counter. This saves you from having to manually type long codes into the program. Follow this guide to learn how to set up your scanner.

Make sure the scanner is plugged into an available port on your computer. For further instructions on how to set up the hardware, follow these steps

Depending on the barcode scanner, you might need to scan a few sample barcodes to configure your settings, such as volume. These are usually found in the installation guides. Here are the setup guides for the scanners we offer:

Zebra DS2208

Zebra DS4800

Zebra DS6700

Sample Scans

Before you head into Artisan, read this guide to follow the hardware portion of the setup. When you’re finished, follow these steps.

Search for “Notepad” on your computer. 

Scan a few barcodes to ensure the scanner is working. They should show up in the “Notepad” program.

In Artisan

Open Artisan and head to “Tools,” then “Program Options.”

Scroll down to “Device Configuration” and click on “Barcode Scanner.”

Under “Barcode Scanner Port,” choose “Keyboard Emulation.”

Go to the “After Scan, Go To” field. Set this to “Next Line” if you want the scanner to go to the next line of a sale to enter any following items. We recommend keeping this setting unless you want to automatically edit the quantity of an item after the item is scanned.

Leave “Any Scan Starting…” checked. Press “Save.”


If you experience issues with your scanner on the “Sales” screen, such as the scanner not automatically going to the next line, complete the following steps.

Click on the Windows search bar and type “Power Plan.” Select the “Edit Power Plan” option.

Click on “Change Advanced Power Settings.”

On the following screen, click on the “plus” sign next to “USB settings.”

Click on the “plus” sign next to “USB selective suspend setting.”

Set the setting to “Disabled.”

Apply” your changes and press “OK.”



Updated on June 20, 2023

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