Setting Up LS2208 Scanner

Artisan supports barcode scanners, which help you save time by checking out items and inputting inventory efficiently. Instead of manually typing each code into the program, let the scanner do the work for you.

This article goes over how to set up one of the barcode scanners we offer, the Zebra LS2208.

Assembling the Scanner Stand

Having a scanner stand is a great way to keep your scanner ready to go and free from cluttering the sales counter.

To assemble the scanner stand, follow these steps.

Locate the wingnut at the bottom of the stand. Unscrew the wingnut.

Locate the scanner neck. Insert the bottom of the neck into the opening on the scanner stand.

Tighten the wingnut to secure the scanner neck.

Adjust the scanner neck as desired. The scanner will rest in the scanner cradle.

Installing the Scanner

Plug the modular connector (USB) cable into the bottom of the scanner. (Note: If you need to remove the cable, use a screwdriver to press on the connector clip. Unplug the cable from the device).

Connect the opposite end of the cable to a computer port.

Scan the following barcodes to configure the device. These barcodes are also located in your Zebra manual.

1. Scan the Reset to Factory Defaults barcode

2. Scan the Options barcode

3. Scan the <Data><Suffix> barcode

4. Scan the Enter barcode

Setting the Volume

The following barcodes control the volume of the scanner. Scan one of the barcodes to select your beeper’s volume.

Low Volume

Medium Volume

High Volume

You might need to restart your computer for the changes to take place.

When you’re ready, follow this guide to set up your scanner in Artisan.


Updated on June 15, 2023

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