TRX (Transaction Services) Payment Processing

Please follow this article to learn how to set up Transaction Services (TRX) as your payment processor in Artisan.

Artisan Settings

Head to “Configuration Settings” and scroll down to “Business and Financial Settings.” 

Expand “Payment Processing Settings.”

Create a new Payment Processing Profile for TRX (“Edit List,” then “Add New“).

For “Payment Processing Method,” select “Transaction Services (TRX) Direct.”

Select your processing company.

PIN Pad Settings

Next, enter the terminal’s IP address. To access this, press 159 on the PIN pad at once. 

The PIN Pad shown is the Verifone P200.

Press “down” on the gray button in the middle, then press the green button to select “Com Control” on the following screen. 

Select “Lan” by pressing the green button.

Select “Status.”

Look for the “IP Address” section.

Leave “Port #” as-is.

Enter the IP address into the “Terminal Device IP Address Field.”

The rest of the settings in the “Payment Processing” section are based on your preferences – such as credit card time out, debit card processing, etc. 

If you want to set up surcharges in Artisan with TRX, please follow these steps.

Updated on September 14, 2023

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