Receive from List of All Items on Order

Receiving Menu

To receive items based on everything that is currently on order, head to “Recieving” on the “Main Menu” screen and click on “Receive List of All Items on Order.”

To start receiving, press “Scan Mode” and start scanning in the items. Once you’re finished scanning, press “Process” to accept the counts. Otherwise, your counts will be discarded. If you need to delete the scan and start over, press “Delete Scan.”

Or, press “Enter” to receive each item amount manually. Artisan will automatically default the “received quantity” to match the “expected quantity.”

You can change location, if necessary, to receive at another site.

Once you’re finished, hit “Process” to accept these items into Artisan. Doing so will abandon all of the receiving at your current selected site.

Once you’re finished, hit “Process.”

If any of the items you just received were put on-order for a customer, you’ll receive a pop-up with that information.