Artisan Backup FAQ’s – Mac Computers

  • Artisan uses an SQL database, which is the most common and robust database we can utilize. Like other databases, it is constantly in a state of flux and software-based backup utilities such as Carbonite and DropBox try to lock the files to get a snapshot for a backup. This action locks out Artisan and will cause serious havoc.
  • Mac also has a time machine feature that uses a 2nd hard drive. It may be similar to Carbonite and would not be suitable to keep a continuous backup.
  • The only continuous backup option is using a Mirror RAID hard drive configuration. This is where you have two hard drives (or Solid State) that keep the same data and that the computer’s hardware writes to both all the time. It normally doesn’t have an impact on efficiency, it just costs more and requires a special installation. On a Mac, this may only be available in their server hardware. It might not be available on an iMac or Mac Mini. The Mac Server is expensive and bulkier.
  • Most of our customers suffice to make a backup once a day and then back up those backups in DropBox or Carbonite or similar service. By far, most use DropBox because it is often free and it is more efficient in the event of needing your files quickly. Carbonite is designed to backup much more data than DropBox.
  • The final option would be to have Artisan schedule backups periodically. Nobody is doing this currently, but it might be possible. The idea would be to have 2nd copy of Artisan running that would make a backup on a schedule. This may require additional licensing and there would be a fee to set this service up. But there is nothing to stop someone from making a manual backup at any time, which would go to DropBox.