Backups Using Dropbox

Dropbox is the best solution for safeguarding your business’s data against disasters. Its key features are the ability to password-protect files, easily access and restore data, and store up to 5 TB of data (depending on your plan). For those reasons, we recommend this option. If you are not interested in using this option, explore our other recommendations here

Note: We suggest uploading a backup to Dropbox at the end of each day. 

Dropbox Options

There are two options to recover your data: Restore Point or Rewind.

Restore Point

  • Dropbox assigns each file a version history. Version history saves the file at a certain moment in time. You can choose to restore to that version history.


  • Dropbox Rewind lets you undo multiple changes at once – and is especially helpful when dealing with large data loss. 

Automatic Backups

Dropbox also offers an option where your file folders are synced from your computer to your Dropbox account automatically. Click here to learn more.

Dropbox Pricing

Dropbox has a personal plan (for one user) and a variety of business plans for individuals or teams. 

Plans (Make sure your plan includes at least 30 days of file recovery and version history)

  • $9.99 a month for 2 TB of storage (personal plan)
  • $16.58 a month for 3 TB of storage (business plan)

How to Backup Files Using Dropbox

Read the following instructions to learn how to automatically or manually upload your Artisan backup files to Dropbox.

Automatically Upload Backups to Dropbox

Our Tech Support team can set up your backups to automatically upload to Dropbox – please contact them if you’re interested. Or, you can do so yourself by following these easy steps.

1. Sign up for your Dropbox account at When selecting a plan, make sure it includes at least 30 days of file recovery and version history, as indicated on their plans chart.

2. Launch Artisan and click on the “Backup” icon on the toolbar.

3. Select the pull-down and find your Dropbox folder.

4. Right-click and create a Dropbox Backup folder. This is where your backups will be stored and will sync to your Dropbox account.

We recommend monitoring your Dropbox account on a regular basis and making sure your backup files are there.

Manually Uploading Backups to Dropbox

If you prefer, you can manually upload your Dropbox files.

1. Sign up for your Dropbox account at

2. Locate your backup file. 

3. Upload your file by clicking on “Upload” or dragging the file onto the upload screen.


Updated on June 16, 2023

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