Restore Data from Backup

Please exercise caution when restoring your data from a backup, as doing so will overwrite your current data completely. We recommend making a backup of your current data first, before you overwrite it.

Why Backups are Important

It is crucial to make backups of your data to protect against deletion and other disasters. It’s also handy to have backups incase you want to restore your data from a certain point in time. To make a backup, click on “Back Up Data (Company File)” from the “Database Maintenance” screen or the “Backup” icon on the toolbar.

For further instructions on backups, click here. We also recommend using a Cloud-based service to store your backups. Find our solutions here

Restoring Data from Backup

Click on “Tools” from the “Main Menu” screen and “Database Maintenance.” Click on “Restore Data From Backup.”

Select “Yes” and click on the backup file you want to restore to.


Updated on June 19, 2023

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