Category Records Pictures & Menus Tab

category 1

Include in Quick Pick to place this category on the Quick Pick menu in the Cash Register. If you have a picture in the record then that picture will show on the quick pick button. Placing quick pick buttons for category records allows you to group items in the quick pick screen and also allows you to find items quickly & easily through the category button. Below is an example of quick pick buttons by category.

Category 2

Menu Order allows you to set a specific order to the buttons on the Quick Pick menu. Use a lower number for important categories and a higher number for less important ones. Categories with the same Menu Order will then be sorted by Category Code, numeric and then alpha.

Menu Color – This option allows you to set the color of the button as the example above shows.

Quickly Import a picture into Artisan, just click on the import button beside your desired image designation and browse to your file. You will be able to see the image in the large box and when you click on the box you open up the viewer with that image.

Thumbnail Image can be added the same way for this item, for use in an online store catalog, or for display directly from Artisan. The image will appear on the quick pick button in the Cash Register.

Abbreviated Name (for Quick Pick) – If you Category Description is to long to fit on the quick pick button you can create a shorter description for the button.