Deleted Records

Although Artisan POS allows users to delete records, they are still kept separately on another table or database. When a record is deleted in the application, Artisan POS marks the item as DELETED and moves it away from the main database. However, they are never deleted completely and here are a few reasons why:

1. Users will have the ability to Un-Delete records saving time and providing more flexibility

2. Users will have more accurate reports. If records were completely deleted, then reports would not be as accurate. For example:

– Running a sales report for items that were sold eight months ago, then deleted two months later would not have all the data about the items as there is no way to find its history once completely deleted. Thus, Artisan POS keeps deleted records on a hidden table that will have all the information about them for future use.

Below there is an example of dealing with deleted item records, but most type of records work the same way. 

One of the issues users may encounter with deleted items is when trying to use the same Unique ID belonging to a record. By this, we mean the code that makes a record unique. In the case of items records (products) the unique identifier is the ITEM CODE.

When an item is deleted, it takes away every thing regarding to its record, including its history, and basic information. What happens next is that the item code cannot be reused by any other item because it is still used by a “DELETED ITEM”. If you’d like to reuse the same ITEM CODE then there are two options:

1. Rename the ITEM CODE to something else, or add a word such as BAD, or DEL, e.g., for item 002, we can make it 002-BAD then delete it. This will allow the user to reuse item code 002 for something else.

2. Un-Delete the item and then edit it to adjust anything to your requirements. This method will take all the history belonging to the deleted item, hence it is recommended to only do this if the item you’d like to make active is the same as the one that was once deleted and now just needs to be modified and make it active again. Otherwise, follow option one of renaming the ITEM CODE to release the one needed.

Deleting / Un-Deleting Item Records

 If you want to delete an Item, and use the same Item Code you can do so by following the steps below

1. Click on Items.


2. Under Item Records select the Item you wish to delete, then select Edit This Record.

Item Records

Now select Delete. In this example case we will use Item Code: 313 SAUCE.



In order to get to DELETED RECORDS follow the following steps:

1. While in Item Records click on Show Power Search.

Show Power Search

2. Now select Deleted Records, and check the box Show Deleted Records (Only)?

Notice the Item Code: 313 SAUCE is now under *** DELETED RECORDS ***. Hence the Item is deleted, and now if you want to use the same Item Code you may do so, but first you have to Un-Delete the item and rename it in order to use the same Item Code.

 Deleted Records

1.   While in Item Records and under Deleted Records, select the item that has been deleted. In this case its Item Code: 313 SAUCE. then hit View Details.

Deleted Records

2.   You will see the Item Record you Deleted and all its details, simply hit Un-Delete to make the item active again.




 Renaming a Record After Deletion

Above we have learned how to Delete and Un-Delete an Item from Item Records. Now we will learn how to delete the Item and use the same Item Code.

If you have deleted the Item before Changing the Name to something else, it will not allow you to use the same Item Code as it will throw an error such as: Duplicate Record Error  for Item Code (SKU): 313 SAUCE. This means the item has been deleted already but it still uses that item code. This is what the error looks like.


1.   Select the Item then hit Edit This Record.

Edit This Record

2.   Under Item Code (SKU): 313 SAUCE, we will change it to 313 SAUCE-USED. If we did not change it to 313 SAUCE-USED, it would not allow us to use the same Item Code, therefore the name has to be changed. Now hit Delete.

Used Delete



At this point the Item is Deleted, now you can use the same 313 SAUCE Item Code when Add A New Record.

1.  Go to Items then Add A New Record, then in Item Code (SKU): name it 313 SAUCE hit Save. Now you have added the same Item Code that you still wanted to use from the one that you have Deleted.

New Item Record


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Updated on June 15, 2023

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