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Use UPC as Item Code (SKU) Numbering Scheme

Starting in 4.8, Artisan supports the ability to use a UPC as a product’s Item Code. With this option enabled, after scanning a UPC into the Item Search and selecting “Add a New Record,” Artisan will populate the Item Code with the UPC (if the code doesn’t already exist in Artisan). Scanning or typing the UPC code onto the Sales Screen works as well.

Setting Up UPC as Item Code

To have Artisan automatically use the UPC code as a new Item Record when it’s scanned into the Item Search, you must first configure your settings.

Go to “Program Options” and open “Inventory Handling Options.

Open the “Inventory Numbering Schemes” section.

Select “UPC” from the “Item Code (SKY) Numbering Scheme.” Since these codes are not generated by Artisan, they are not guaranteed to be unique codes – so keep that in mind when creating your records.

Artisan will alert you that any new records will have this Numbering Scheme applied. Artisan will also ask if you want to apply this Numbering Scheme to your already-existing records. If you only want to apply this Numbering Scheme to just a few records, we recommend selecting “No.”

Using UPC as Item Code

Scan or enter the UPC code into the Item Search.

Artisan will automatically fill the code in as the Item Code/SKU as well as the UPC code field.

Fill in the rest of your product’s info.

Sales Screen

To add a product to the Sales Screen using the product’s UPC code (as the Item Code), simply scan or enter it into the Sales Screen.

Note: If your product is a variant, scanning the Base Item’s UPC code on the Sales Screen (which in this case is also its Item Code), will prompt Artisan to ask which variant you want to select.  


Updated on June 14, 2023

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