Setting Up Age Verification

Artisan allows you to restrict certain items for customers under a certain age. There are two ways to do this in Artisan.

Method One: Artisan will ask for a driver’s license to be scanned or for the cashier to input the customer’s age manually for verification purposes. Common examples are for purchasing alcohol or fireworks. 

Method Two: Artisan will not ask for a driver’s license to be scanned or for the cashier to manually enter their date of birth. Instead, the cashier will click “Yes” on a popup window on the Sales screen that the customer is verified to purchase the item. This isn’t the most common method, but is more widely used for convenience stores that don’t collect the customer name during checkout. 

Scanning License or Manually Inputting DOB

1. Make sure that “Age Verification” is enabled. This requires the “Deluxe Features Pack.” (From “Program Options,” click on “Optional Features“).

2. Next, head to the category you want to age-restrict. Input the age, then press “Save.” 

3. In this example, the customer is trying to purchase an item that is age-restricted. If the customer is already added to the sale and has a birth date on file, Artisan will make sure they are eligible to buy the item, and will display their age in green on the Sales screen.

If the customer does not have a date of birth on file, you must either swipe their driver’s license or manually enter it. Then, Artisan will verify the customer’s age.

Note: In order to manually enter/adjust a customer’s age, you must have permission to do so. To find these settings, go to “Program Options,” “Miscellaneous Program Options,” then “Age Verification.” Make sure “Authorization Required to Enter Date Of Birth Manually (w/o License/ID)” is set to the authorization level you require.

Verification approved:

If the customer is not the right age to purchase the item, Artisan will display a popup alerting you of their age, which is also highlighted in red on the Sales screen.

Age Verification without Scanning or Manually Entering DOB

If you want to avoid manually typing in a customer’s DOB, scanning their driver’s license, or collecting their birthday, opt for the popup window confirmation method.

1. Follow steps 1-2 above, ensuring that age verification is enabled in Artisan and that you have a category that is age-restricted.

2. From “Program Options,” head to “Miscellaneous Program Options,” then “Age Verification and License/ID Validation Options.” Select “Clerk Level 1” for “Authorization Required to Verify Age Manually w/o Date of Birth.”

3. Add the age-restricted item to the sale. Artisan will ask you to manually confirm if the customer is of age.

If “Yes” is selected, Artisan will display “Age OK” on the Sales screen. 

Updated on September 14, 2023

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