Change or Reset My Password

Read these instructions to learn how to reset your Artisan password.

(To set and change other Users’ passwords, skip to this section).

Please exercise caution when creating a password for Artisan, as it is important that you remember it when signing into your User. Store it somewhere private. If you forget your password, contact CerTek’s support staff to reset it for you.

Setting a password is optional. However, it is a great way to add security to User accounts, since someone will not be able to log into another User’s account (and use Artisan as them) without knowing their password.

Click on “Tools” from the “Main Menu.” 

Click on “Change My Password.”

Or, click on “Tools” from the dropdown and select “Change My Password.”

Artisan is automatically set to not have a password, but you can change this by unchecking the “No Password Set” box.

We recommend setting a password reset question in case you forget your password. This will remind you about what your password is. You can select any of the questions from the dropdown or create your own unique question. 

Unique question:

Now, you’ll need to enter that password when logging in.

To reset or get rid of the password requirement, head back to the “Change My Password” screen.

You’ll need to enter in the password before changing it or checking the “No Password Set” box.

Changing Another User’s Password (Logged in)

Artisan will only allow you to change/reset your password if you are able to log in as the specific user you are trying to update, or this user has setup a security question to recover the password.

If are not able to change your password or have forgotten it, then the owner or another user with privileges will have to reset it for you.