Quick Security Setup

Artisan has robust settings to keep your data secure. Security settings allows only certain users to see and control information in your database.

If you would rather set up your security settings quickly instead of customizing them, you can do so by using the “Quick Security Setup” area, which we’ll cover in this article. “Quick Security Setup” is a great way to quickly apply a filter to some or all of the tasks that your Users might accomplish.

Start by selecting “Tools” from the main menu in Artisan, then select “Program Options.”

Quick security setup1

To best take advantage of this setup option, it is very important to make sure that all Users are properly assigned per the “Authorization Level” under “Users & Security Settings… — Edit Users.”

quick security setup 2

Minimum Security – This setting allows all Users unlimited access to all tasks, with the exception of changing Security Settings.

Medium Security – This setting establishes a requirement of Supervisor authorization for sensitive tasks.

High Security – This setting establishes a requirement of Manager authorization for sensitive tasks, and Supervisor authorization for all other tasks.

Quick security setup 3

You do have the ability to customize individual settings per level as well, but it is recommended to utilize the “Quick Security Setup” to start out with.

Updated on June 15, 2023

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