Detecting Artisan Upgrades

Why Upgrade Artisan?

CerTek provides routine updates to Artisan to introduce bug fixes, features, and new reports. Starting in 4.6.34 in Windows, and version 4.6.32 on Mac, Artisan will notice if your data is new on secondary stations and will offer you an option to upgrade any remaining stations. 

When you open Artisan, you’ll see the following message. Make sure Artisan is closed on other stations. Press “OK.

This will lead you to the updates screen. Press “Yes” to start the update.

This will launch the Artisan update installer. When prompted, select “yes” to the program making changes to your computer. 

Click “Next.”

Click “Next.”

Select “Yes, update the existing installation.”

Leave “Check for updates” set to “Never.” (We have not yet implemented automatic updates).

Leave “Run Artisan” unchecked. Click “Finish.”


Updated on June 27, 2023

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