Installing Artisan POS Additional Stations

Once you have your main computer and/or server setup it is easy to install additional stations.

Here are the requirements for stations:

  • Have a network cable attached to your computer and connected to your network. Having access to the Internet is a good sign. Internet connections may or may not be required. But just having a connection to the Internet may not be enough unless you are planning on working remotely using our Remote Cloud 2.0 feature.
  • You must have a separate Internet connection for the PIN Pad.
  • You must either be on the same physical network where each computer can connect to the server over the network or you must be planning on that station being Remote using our Cloud technology.
    • Here’s how to know if you are on the same network if you aren’t sure:
      • If all your computers have network cables plugged into the same normal router. Normal means you don’t have a large network using managed switches.
      • Ping the computer in question. Identify the IP address of the server computer, maybe something like Then on the new computer start a windows CMD window by typing CMD into the Search Box. Then type PING If you get a reply, then you are good.
      • Advanced Networking and VPN’s may require special attention.
  • You must have electricity at each station with enough plugs for all your devices which may include the computer, monitor, network switch, receipt printer, PIN Pad, customer display, etc. You do not normally need a plug for the Cash Drawer, it plugs into the receipt printer. We highly recommend battery backups.
  • Your computer (or laptop) must be running Windows or Mac OS and should have enough USB ports for keyboard, mouse, printers, customer display, and other devices.


Here are the instructions.

  1. Download the Artisan install file from our sales team and install it.
  2. Run Artisan and it should take you to the Welcome screen, but it really doesn’t matter which screen.
  3. Click on Help -> About and it will give you some interesting details about Artisan and your computer. We need the Hardware Signature which has ALREADY been COPIED TO YOUR CLIPBOARD.
  4. PASTE this text into an email by pressing Ctrl-V into the body of your email to
  5. Repeat this process for each station.
  6. The CerTek Sales Team will send you license keys that you put into the SERVER computer.

Now you have to wait until you get your license keys.

  1. Now you have to point Artisan to the server. Click on Start with Real Data
  2. Choose Connect to Existing Company Data
  3. Most likely all you need to do is CHANGE THE Database Server Name to your Server or the computer where the data is located. Sometimes this is Register 1.
  4. Click Continue and then hopefully you will be connected to your data. You will get the screens for setting up your devices. You can escape out of that for now if you want.
  5. Please call us if you have trouble.
Updated on June 27, 2023

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