Labels Not Printing Correctly

Though Artisan supports rugged and capable hardware, we understand that over time and due to human error, some adjustments might need to be made. Read this article to learn how to solve common label printer issues.

Labels Printing Lightly

Try these solutions if you’re running into issues with your label printer not printing dark enough. 

Adjust the Printer Darkness

On the “Print Labels” screen, edit the “Darkness Adjustment” field. Use the up and down arrows or manually type a number to increase the darkness. We recommend printing a few labels at a time between adjusting this number to see if the darkness level is where you like it. 

Adjust the Printer Speed

Aim for a slower printing speed. Printing at a slower speed gives the printer more time to heat up and print the label. CerTek’s support team has a special diagnostic tool to help control a TSC printer’s speed. Email support to receive the link to download the tool or get help setting it up. 

For non-TSC printers, consult your printer’s manual to learn how to adjust the speed.

Replace the Ribbon

If you’re using a thermal transfer printer, you might need to replace the ribbon, especially if it isn’t compatible with your labels. For example, glossy labels require resin ribbons since they help protect the label against smudging and imperfections. Using a wax ribbon will cause the labels to print incorrectly.

Swap the ribbon with a new one or contact CerTek to order another.

Labels Printing Off-Center

If your printer is printing information such as barcodes or shelf numbers off-center or skewed, you might have to adjust settings in Artisan, or physically reset the label in the printer.

Adjust Offset in Artisan

On the “Print Labels” screen, locate the “Horizontal Offset” and “Vertical Offset” fields. Incrementally make adjustments as you see fit to include the information correctly on the label. Just like if you were adjusting the darkness, we suggest printing a few labels at a time in between making adjustments to see where you need to move the data on the labels.

Positive horizontal numbers (ex. 1.0) move information up while negative numbers (ex. -1.0) move information down. Positive vertical numbers move information to the left while negative vertical numbers move information to the right.

Physically Adjust the Label Roll

If your printer was recently moved to a different location, the label roll might have been jostled and will need to be adjusted.

Carefully open the lid of your printer. Most label printers will have a lock that clicks in place once you extend the cover to a certain angle. In certain TSC models, you have to lift the lid first, then slowly lower it until it locks into place.

Make sure the label sensors aren’t too tight or too loose against the label roll. If you need to adjust these, do so carefully as most sensors are fragile. 

Initialize Printer

If all else fails, select the “Initialize Printer” button. This will restore the printer to its default settings.

Updated on June 13, 2023

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