Purchase Orders and ScannerPal

4.7 introduces PDT (physical data terminal) support. CerTek’s ScannerPal is a portable data terminal that allows you to collect data, like counts, around the store and submit it to Artisan for tasks like sales orders, physical inventory, and more. This article explains how to use ScannerPal for purchase orders.

If you’re interested in purchasing or renting ScannerPal, contact sales@certek.com or call (877) 723-7835.

Select Your Collection Method

Select how you are gathering information in ScannerPal. Select “Collect Counts” if you want to scan items then input the quantity as you go. For example, you know you’re scanning all of the same items on a shelf, so you scan one of them, count how many of the items are there, then input that quantity in the quantity box.

Or, select “Collect Scans (w/o Qty).” This is best if it is easier for you to scan each item individually, most commonly if you have a lot of single items or items that are mixed in a group and it’s difficult to see their total QOH at one time.

On the “Job” tab, select “Purchase Order” as your “Job Type.”

Select the “Scan” tab. Tap the Item Scan field to place the cursor in the box, then start scanning your items.

When you’re finished, tap the blue arrow, then select the “Job” tab. Press the “Submit Job” button.

Within Artisan

In Artisan, create a purchase order or select the purchase order you want to use your scans for.

On the purchase order screen, select the “Operations” button or “Ctrl” and “O.” Or, press “Ctrl” and “F10” on your keyboard to access the shortcut.

Select “(Scan Mode) Load PO from PDT or File.

Choose the “Load Scans From Device” button or “Ctrl” and “F10” on your keyboard. This will open the “Scan Jobs” screen. Double-click or press enter on your keyboard to select the scan job.

When you’re ready, select “Process.”

This will add the item(s) to the purchase order.


Updated on June 16, 2023

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