Scan Jobs and Records

While importing scans from ScannerPal, you’ll come across two screens in Artisan: the Scan Jobs screen and the Scan Records screen. This article will go over how to use both screens.

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Scan Mode

ScannerPal can be used to help you with various tasks, from purchase orders, to printing labels, to physical inventory, and more.

In order to see the scans you’ve made on ScannerPal in Artisan, you’ll need to load the scans by entering “Scan Mode” and accessing the “Scanned Items” screen.

Note: Depending on what task you’re performing in Artisan, getting to this screen varies slightly. 

Most task screens in Artisan have the “Scan Mode” shortcut (ex. Physical Inventory, Inventory Transfers, etc.), except for Purchasing Screens and the Sales/Orders screen.

For those screens, find the “Scan Mode” by simply clicking on the “Operations” button to open the “Operations” menu.

Scanned Items

From the “Scanned Items” screen, you can see all items currently scanned into this task. If you’ve already started scanning items with a barcode scanner, for instance, they’ll be displayed here. Once you select scans from the ScannerPal, they’ll show up here, too.

To access your scans from ScannerPal, click on “Load Scans From Device” or press “Ctrl” and “F10” on your keyboard.

Scan Jobs

This opens the “Scan Job” screen. This screen contains any scan jobs you’ve completed recently on the ScannerPal. Artisan will automatically only show records related to the job type you’re doing (ex. Sale, Physical Inventory, etc).

By unchecking the box, you can see scan records for other tasks.

Select a scan by double-clicking or pressing enter on your keyboard. This will add the scan job to the “Scanned Items” screen. Once you’re finished loading your scans, select “Process.”

Updated on June 16, 2023

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