Setting Up An Epson Receipt Printer

Install the Epson driver. Click here to learn how.

Locate the printer’s power switch and make sure it is turned off.

Connect the interface cable to the printer’s port (in our example, the white cord). Connect the  power supply cord to the printer (in our example, the black cord).

Connect the other end of the interface cable to a computer port.

Connect the power cord into the power supply.

To install a roll of paper, carefully open the cover by pressing up on the lever.

Gently insert the roll of paper. Pull a bit of the paper roll so it sticks out of the printer.

Turn on the printer.

Gently close the printer cover. The printer will automatically cut off the paper slip.

Now, it’s time to configure your device in Artisan. Click here to learn how.

Updated on June 13, 2023

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