Setting Up Stations and Sites

What are stations and sites? In Artisan, stations are your registers. Sites are your locations.

Each site requires a key, given to you from our Sales Department. You’ll have already inputted this key when you first switched from Sample Data to Real Data.

However, you will need to enter an additional key if you’re opening a new location, or to license certain features in Artisan. Learn more here.


Setting Up Stations and Sites

You’ll be able to see which station and site you are at by looking at the left-hand side of the screen.

The first number (in this example “001”), is your station, while the second number after the dash (ex. “01”), is your site. We are at station 1 at location 1.

To set up your stations and sites, head to “Tools” and “Program Options.” 


Click on “Stations and Sites.”

To view a list of all of your stations, click on “Edit Stations.”

Here, you can see all of your stations. If you want to edit the station’s name and/or change its number, click “Edit Record.” We recommend not changing the station name and number unless absolutely necessary, so you remain organized.

Note: You can set up your stations to match your register number. (For example, station number one is at register 01). If a station number already exists (for example, 02) but you would like to use it for a different station, change that station to a number you’re not using (for example, 99). Then, you can use 02 as your new station number.


Setting Up Sites

If you have more than one location, click on “Edit Sites.”

NOTE: Multiple locations requires the Multi-Store license. Contact our sales team at (877) 723-7835 if you need to purchase this license.

This will open up a list of all your locations.

Create a new location and input the site number, location, and other relevant information.

Click “Save.”

Store Identification

Each site (location) needs its own Store Identification (this includes your business name, location, phone number, etc.). This helps you separate/distinguish your locations (if you have more than one). For example, your main location and a downtown location.

To set up a site’s identification, click on “Store Identification.”

Input the company name, address, and other relevant details. (Once your stations are set up, you can change this information to suit your other locations. Click on the “Configuration Settings for this Station” dropdown to toggle between stations).


Updated on June 13, 2023

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