Use Real Data

If you’re using Artisan for the first time, we recommend that you use Sample Data so you can get comfortable with the program. To go back and choose Sample Data, hit “Esc” on your keyboard or “Close Screen.”

If you’re ready to use your Real Data, read on.

Choose Your Real Data

Your company data is stored in the postgreSQL database. Your company data in Artisan is referred to as “Real Data.” “Sample Data” is used for training and practice.

Depending on if you purchased the licenses to do so, your Real Data can be shared between multiple computer stations and/or physical sites. Or, you can just use your Real Data on a single station.

Connect To Existing Company Data

If you already have your real data set up and you’re accessing it from another computer/station, or switching from another set of data to this one, select this option. Make sure that you have the correct server name, port number, and database name, then click “Continue.” (We’ve blurred out some information for confidentiality). 

Start a Brand New Company Data File

If your data is completely new to Artisan, pick this option. Make sure your database server name or address is correct, as well as your server port number. This is usually localhost and 5432, respectively. If you’re unsure, contact the Support Team. Give your database a name (ex. Stephanie’s Store) and press “Continue.”

Artisan will ask for a License Key to activate your store. If you haven’t already, contact or (877) 723-7835 for this key. If you purchased additional licenses, you’ll receive these as well.


Restore Data from a Backup

If you need to restore Artisan from a previous point in time, do so by “Restore from Backup.”

Make sure the information in the database fields is correct, then press “Continue.” You’ll be asked which database you want to connect to. Find your database’s backup folder, select the backup data you want to restore to, and press “Open.”

Migrate from Release 3.5 Data

Our Support Team will help you transfer your data if you’re moving from 3.5 to 4.5. We’ll ensure the database fields are correct, then locate your 3.5 data and import it into Artisan.

Updated on June 13, 2023

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