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What Printer is Right For You?

Artisan POS works with a variety of hardware, such as receipt, label, and sheet printers. We’ll go over each type in this article and make recommendations for each. If you’re interested in purchasing any printers mentioned in this article, please contact sales@certek.com.¬†

Receipt Printers

What is a Thermal Receipt Printer?

Thermal printers are typically very rugged and fast printers. These printers do not require ribbons. Instead, they use heat transfer to print onto specific thermal paper, which CerTek easily supplies year-round. Inserting the paper is simple. Just open the top cover and place your roll of paper inside. No need to take up the paper and manually feed it through the printer like older receipt printers.


Epson TM-T20 Receipt Printer  РBudget-friendly and reliable

Partner RP-700  РSleek and small to take up less counter space

What is an Ink Jet Printer?

Ink-jet receipt printers are also a fast option but do require purchasing ink, unlike thermal receipt printers. Printing technology is heading more in the thermal receipt printer environment, so locating a non-outdated inkjet receipt printer might be tricky.


For specific ink jet receipt printer recommendations, please contact our sales department at sales@certek.com. We might recommend a thermal printer instead.

Label Printers

Label printers are specially designed to help you print tags for your store. CerTek provides a wide variety of sizes, from large labels, to barbel tags, and tiny tags for jewelry. Label printers require ribbons, which is an added expense to consider while purchasing your device. CerTek supplies ribbons, both affordable and higher-quality for better prints.


TSC is a reliable, trusted company we’ve worked with for many years. Sometimes, the recommendations simply come down to budget and how much space you want the printer to take up in your store.

TSC TTP-247 – Our most popular label printer. Fast-performing and reliable

Sheet Printers

Sheet printers are typical office printers. Artisan uses them to print custom forms and reports. Common brands are HP, Epson, and Brother. Though we don’t carry sheet printers, we recommend going with a printer that can handy heavy-duty printing without breaking your budget.

Epson WF-4830 – Affordable and withstands printing multiple documents a day

Updated on June 13, 2023

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