Set up for A35 PIN Pad

Please follow these instructions to set up your A35 PIN pad.

Setting Up an Ethernet Connection

1. Plug in the power connector to the device. Insert an Ethernet cable into the connector.

2. On the “Welcome” screen, swipe up.

3. This will open up a black screen with an arrow at the bottom left. Quickly tap three to four times on this arrow.

4. This opens up the password screen. Use the on-screen keyboard to type pax9876@@ and then select “Enter.”

5. Select the “PX Retailer” icon.

6. You will then need to tap each corner of your screen as shown (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right).

7. Enter pax12345 on the “Password Verification” screen.

8. In the “Setup Menu,” select “Host/ECR Communication.

9. Make sure “USB” and “Ethernet” are checked. Press “Save” and “Exit.

10. This should take you to the backend home screen. Tap the blue settings gear icon. 

11. Select “Network and Internet.”

12. Make sure “Ethernet” is turned on.

13. Double-tap “Ethernet,” which will take you to this screen. If an IP address generates, write that down.


14. Note: If you’re using WiFi, tap on “WiFi” on the “Network and Internet” section (step 12) and write down that IP address.

15. If you don’t see an IP address, you’ll need to reboot your PIN pad. Unplug the LAN cable from the red connector cable. Wait two seconds, then plug the cables back in. Hold the red and green buttons for six seconds on the keypad.

16. You’ll need to verify your IP address. On the backend home screen, select the “DC Direct” icon.

This will load a screen that says “Get Parameters.” Select “Confirm” to download the package. Then, you’ll see a screen with the IP address and green status checkmarks to tell you the IP address was confirmed.

17. Go to your Payment Processing settings in Artisan (“Configuration Settings” -> “Business and Financial” -> “Payment Processing Settings”).

17a. Enter your deployment ID. This typically ends with the letters “GA”

17b. Enter the IP address.

17c. Make sure the “Port #” is 8080.

17d. Make sure “Enable Debit Card Processing” is set to “Yes.”

17e. Press the “Initalize” button. Artisan will display a success screen, saying that the parameters were downloaded successfully. The PIN pad will also reboot automatically.

17f. Press “Save.”

17g. Once the PIN pad has finished rebooting, delete the IP address from the “Datacap Merchant ID” section and enter the device’s serial number instead. 

17h. Press “Save.” You should then test this with a sale to see if the PIN pad works. Then, void the sale. 

 Note: Whenever you initialize your PIN pad in Aritsan, this also reboots the PIN pad.













Updated on February 27, 2024

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