Setting Up an Ithaca 9000 Thermal Receipt Printer

Ready to set up your Ithaca 9000 thermal receipt printer? Follow these steps.

After installing the driver, switch the printer to PcOS mode. To do this, you’ll need to manually configure your printer.

Press and hold the “FEED” button while turning on the printer. The feed button is located right next to where the receipts are printed.

Wait for the red indicator to blink, then release the “FEED” button.

Next, press and hold the “FEED” button until the green paper LED turns on. Release the “FEED” button. Repeat this process until you see the “Operation – Configuration” prompt.

Quickly press and release the “FEED” button to navigate to the group or item you want. To select the group or item, hold the “FEED” button for two seconds.

Save the configuration by pressing and holding the “FEED” button for four seconds. Your printer will print a test of this revised configuration. 

Quickly press and release the “FEED” button again to save the configuration.

Your printer is now set up, and will reset to a ready state.

Note: Your cash drawer needs to be set to the same printer number that your printer is assigned to within Artisan. To check this, you’ll need to open up the cash drawer configurations panel. 

Head to “Tools“.

Click on “Program Options,” then “Device Configuration.”

Scroll down to “Cash Drawer.”

Make sure the printer number is the same number as your printer (ex. #2). Click on the arrows to change the number.

Type &%D1 in the Control String section (a Control String makes sure your cash drawer opens once a transaction is started). 

Hit “Save” once you’re finished.