Category Record Internet Store Tab

This feature will be added in stages scheduled to begin in the Artisan 4.1 version with export only feature. The additional import feature is scheduled Artisan version 4.4. Additional licensing is required.

Artisan does not provide an Internet store (shopping cart) itself, but provides the pieces you need to integrate with one.

Category 3

The Internet Store Tab houses all the extra information you need in order to be able to publish products on your web store.

Include in Internet Store? – If you’re using an e-commerce package to provide an online Internet store based on your inventory records stored in Artisan. You can use this field to distinguish between categories to include in the online store and those to exclude, if the e-commerce program provides such a feature. Enter ‘Y’ here to include the category. This, in turn, can be used to restrict the set of categories exported from the Item Export screen.

Internet Store Layout Template – Enter the name of a Layout Template to use for the Internet Store page for this category.

Additional Layout Options – Enter any additional Layout Options required by your Internet Store.

Brief Description – Additional description lines for an Internet Store brief category summary.

Detailed Description – Additional description lines for an Internet Store detailed category description.