Category Records List Screen

This screen shows you a listing of all your active categories. Double clicking on a selected category, the one with the blue bar highlighting it, OR use the F4 Edit This Record button to go into the record to display the detail or edit the category record.

Category List Screen

You can press F2 or click on the button to change the search scheme. The default category record search schemes are Category Code, Description (Contains), Parent Category, Category Level, and Inventory Classification. You can press Tab to change your selection and then Enter to select the highlighted choice OR select the number using your keyboard or click on the option with your mouse.

or details on how the search filter works please read Using the Power Search Feature.

The Show Power Search button is used to reveal an additional set of record filters customized for each category type. Therefore, no two category types have the same options. The power search is broken up in 2 or 3 tabs depending on the record type. For Category Records, the 3 tabs are Category Search Filters, Advanced Filters, and Deleted Records.




The Power Search allows you to use more than one criteria to find records. Please read the Using the Power Search Feature article for more details on how to use this advanced search option.

To add a new record use the Add A New Record button at the bottom of the screen or the F3 key on your keyboard above the numbers. You can also Export List (F9) or Print (CTRL-P). More details on additional options on this screen can be found in the Record Screen Basics article.