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How to Use Serial Numbers in Artisan

Do you use serial numbers for your products? Read this article to learn how to keep track of them in Artisan.

What are Serial Numbers?

A serial number is a unique set of numbers (or letters) assigned to a product created by the product’s manufacturer. Serial numbers are different than other identifying labels, like UPC or model numbers,  because they’re meant to be unique for the specific item. For example, if you’re selling three of the same brand of headphones, each headphone itself will have a different serial number.

How to Track Serial Numbers in Artisan

Edit the category that the item belongs to. 

Click on the “Custom Fields” tab. Name one of the custom fields “Serial #.” Save the record.

This way, any product that falls under this category will have the “Serial #” custom field applied to its “Custom Fields” tab.

Edit the Item Record and go to the “Codes and Measures” tab. In the “Private Barcode” field, scan the item’s serial number. 

Note: By default, when you print a barcode in Artisan, it will use the item’s private barcode. This is usually a short 6-7 digit number generated by Artisan. You can change this by adding your own codes. In this case, we’re using the serial number.

That way, when you scan the serial number on the Sales Screen, Artisan will recognize the product.

Save the record.

To have the serial number custom field show on the “Basic Info” tab as well, head to “Configuration Settings.”

Click on “Miscellaneous Program Options.”

Look for “Item Record Screen Options.”

Check off the custom field that corresponds to the Serial Number. In our case, we used Custom Field 1, so we’ll select “Field 1.” 

Edit the Item Record again.

Scan the serial number into the serial number field.

We highly recommend adding the product’s vendor part number. This is what Artisan uses to tie Item Records and serial numbers together in reports.


Updated on June 12, 2023

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