Item Record Screen Options

There are certain areas in the Item Record screen that you can customize further.

To do so, head to the “Configuration Settings” screen by clicking on “Tools,” and “Program Options.”

Click on “Miscellaneous Program Options.”

Click on “Item Record Screen Options.”

This screen shows you all of the different fields you can customize. NOTE: Save and close out of all item records if you have any open before changing any options in this screen.

If you want to skip over the UPC field when creating a new Item Record, change the dropdown to “Yes.” (This way, if you press “Tab” on your keyboard on the Item Record screen, it will skip over the UPC field).

If you don’t want to fill out manufacturer details and want to hide them, select “No” from the “Show Manufacturer Fields?” dropdown. Notice how the manufacturer fields are gone in this example:

The same logic applies to the rest of the Item Record options; hiding the field(s) will remove them from the Item Record.


Updated on June 15, 2023

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