Quick Discount Buttons

Why Use Quick Discount Buttons?

Artisan version 4.6 introduces Quick Discount buttons. While it’s very easy to add discounts to a sale in Artisan just by inputting it onto the line item itself, you can apply single-item discounts or entire sale discounts with a click of a button. 

Set Up Quick Discount Buttons

The settings for these buttons are found under “Program Options -> “Miscellaneous Program Options” -> “Sales Screen Options” -> “Quick-Discount Buttons.”)

Add up to six discount buttons. The buttons can discount a single item or the entire sale.

In this example, we discounted one line item for 20% by selecting that item and clicking the 20% button, then we discounted the next line item for 15% by selecting that item and clicking on the 15% button.

Discount entire sale (Additional):

Discount entire sale (Take Best):

Note that single-item discount buttons are yellow; entire-sale discount buttons are green.

Updated on June 19, 2023

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